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From Vanilla To Kinky: The Kink List You Need On Your Bedside Table!

From Vanilla To Kinky: The Kink List You Need On Your Bedside Table!

Kink List
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One of the best things about making sex so fun is that there are simply So. Many. Different. Ways. to have an experience or even fantasize about the same. And a whole lot of these actually fall under a broader category of fetishes and kinks.

Whether you are entirely new to such kinks, just plain curious, or even a well-known kinkster, you might have several questions about what really counts as kinks and even what can fall under the ever-expanding lists of different kinky stuff you can try out.

Today, the Dating Dairy presents the ever-evolving kink list that everyone needs on their bedside table – from vanilla to kinky, stay tuned to find out more!

But Wait, What Are Experts Saying?  

what is kink list

Before we start talking about our exclusive kink list, let’s try to understand what we are talking about here.

According to Sara Rosen (LCSW), a sex therapist,

“‘Kink’ is an umbrella term for any sexual activity or turn-on that is outside of the mainstream of what is generally considered to be sexual.” (source)

In addition to this, Liz Powell (Ph.D.), another sex therapist mentioned,

A kink can refer to any sex act, fantasy, or turn-on that goes beyond the norm of strictly vanilla sex, says sex therapist.” (source)

Rosen further added in this context,

Of course, this also means that what constitutes kink is subjective. If kink is something that ‘deviates from the norm,’ then what counts as kinky depends on what we (both as individuals and, to some extent, as a society) define as normal. For example, using toys during sex might be kinky for one person while totally run-of-the-mill for another.

It also becomes vital to note that while fetishes and kinks tend to overlap with each other, they are not really the same kinda thing.

While a fetish happens to be pretty similar to kinks but it’s something that is generally needed for any kind of arousal to take place.

Some fetishists actually consider their fetishes to be inherent to their sexual orientation as well as identity. While both might seem similar – both include all the things to try in bed. While kinks enhance play, fetishes are integral to the same.

Of course, there can be an overlap between fetishes and kinks simply because  the way an individual experiences different sexual behaviors and interests happens to be nuanced. Plus, how we talk about these behaviors also evolves constantly.

From Vanilla To Kinky: The Kink List You Need On Your Bedside Table!

The Kink List You Need On Your Bedside Table!  

Whether you are kinky or have several fetishes, or just like sticking to Vanilla, the critical thing to know is no matter what you are doing, it is your individual experience, and you are perfectly capable of defining the same as you feel like it. So you have a list of kinks – there should not be any shame associated with the same.

Similarly, what other people prefer is totally cool and deserves respect – provided all of it is taking place between adults obviously, and that too consenting ones.

This kink list comes with a lot of nuances of their own – the good news here? We did explore several of these kinks extensively in individual articles – all of them have been linked throughout.

This way, if you do want to find out more about any term or rather kink, just tap the links – you will have lots of information on these fetishes, and how these can be practiced.

1. CNC – Consensual Non Consent Kink:

 Consensual Non Consent Kink

It does sounds like a complete oxymoron – doesn’t it?

The concept of consensual non consensual encounters elicits various visceral reactions in individuals who don’t really enjoy it, or in most cases aren’t even aware about the same thing.

Moreover, what a majority of individuals think about such a kink is definitely the product of such kinks being shrouded in fear and misconception.

But there’s no such thing as a nasty kink – it’s all understandable, as long as it’s consensual. You can read more about the CNC kink here!

2. Rigger Kink:

Rigger Kink

How can we come with a kink list, and miss out on rope bondage.

The thing about the rigger kink is it could be as simply as tying your partners hands with rope and it could be as artsy as practicing rope bondage.

The Japanese term ‘shibari’ refers to rope bondage literally – the term actually means ‘to tie.’ It is a basic Japanese term used for typing an individual with the sole intention of arousal.

But society knows so little about the rigger kink that people aren’t aware about this kink, let alone, the art associated with the same. But you can read more about this fascinating kink here.

3. Praise Kink:

praise kink

Not all desires are related to having a pain kink – some desires can also be associated with being praised.

Thrilled, when bae calls you a ‘good girl?’ – curious why praises always turn you on? Probably, you have a praise kink. You like getting off on praises – at least those are the fundamentals of the same.

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It can be very similar to body worship. Most of us tend to thrive in the midst of compliments. But then when it transforms the ‘feel good’ vibe into sexual euphoria, it probably means, you have a kink.

You can read so much more about praise kink here!

4. Degradation Kink:

Degradation Kink

Trust us, there’s no such thing as weird kinks as long as the kink you and your partner are consensual about all the kinks you practice. BDSM happens to be a broad category and most of these kinks mentioned in our elusive kink list has something to do with BDSM.

And it would be completely wrong to miss out on the degradation kink – during sexual encounters, if you like it when bae insults you then it’s possibly because you have a degrading kink.

It’s completely opposite to the praise kink – instead of praises, humiliation turns you on! Moreover, the psychology behind having such a kink is fascinating – read all about it here.

5. Hotwifing Kink:

Hotwifing Kink

If you have been looking up ‘kink list Github’ online then chances are your body and mind is trying to point out something – is your sex life missing the much-needed spark? Find out for yourself.

But what if you are already married, and the basic idea of someone sleeping with your spouse turns you on? Trust me, it’s more common that we would like to believe. We don’t need a kink tier list to mention that.

Chances are you have the hotwifing kink – you just have to remember that consent comes first, and hotwifing comes later.

If you and your spouse is comfortable enough to have an open relationship, or fixate boundaries then practicing the hotwifing kink can definitely light up your marriage. You can find out all that you need to know about the hotwifing kink here.

And It’s A Wrap!  

You don’t need a kink list maker to understand which ones works for you – if any of the kinks mentioned above is turning you on already then it’s a sign – you need to explore the same. So, tell us what do you think about the kinks we have mentioned above? Do you like these? Or there’s something more that your body desires?

Tell us in the comments below – we will be waiting to hear back from you soon!

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