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15 WARNING Signs Of A Cheating Wife You Shouldn’t Ignore

15 WARNING Signs Of A Cheating Wife You Shouldn’t Ignore

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“I take thee to be my wedded husband from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.”

These sacred vows of marriage seem to have lost their relevance in recent times. Maybe that’s why the rate of divorce has gone up so much compared to previous days. 

We understand that it’s hard enough to give a woman your heart and entrust her the responsibility of keeping it safe forever. But, when they take advantage of your trust and start cheating on you, nothing wrecks a marriage faster than that.

However, just because your wife is talking less to you or has been a bit indifferent to you doesn’t mean you have a cheating wife. Sometimes they do things for no apparent reason. But if you suspect that your wife is cheating on you, there must be some strong signs to indicate that. Let’s find them out now;

What Are The Top 15 Warning Signs That You Have A Cheating Wife?

Before we start talking about the evident cheating wife signs in a relationship, let’s clarify that they might not cheat on you by only having sex with someone. Cheating is not always a biological imperative. But, it is also a social, emotional, and psychological issue, so, let’s get on with the cheating wife signs;

1: She Never Lets You See Her Phone

She Never Lets You See Her Phone

We are not saying that you should check your wife’s phone from time to time. But, if you ever take a casual look at it, and your wife pounces on you with some serious allegations that you were checking her phone, it means she is hiding something.

We all know that if your partner is guarding her phone with her life, it clearly means she does not want you to see her messages or call records with someone she has been intimate with without you knowing. SHOCKING, right? But, it’s true, so be very careful of your partner if she always carries her phone with her.

2: She Is Never Interested In Sex

She Is Never Interested In Sex

How to catch a cheating wife? Too many people have asked us this question over the years. Well, one of the most apparent signs of a cheating wife is that she is never interested in having sex with you anymore. 

Wives who cheat are often caught lacking interest in being intimate with their husbands because they are already getting what they want from another man in their life. Most of the time, when wives cheat, they get satisfied with the other man so much that they don’t even bother being physical with you anymore.

3: She Cares About Her Appearance More Than Ever

She Cares About Her Appearance More Than Ever

Women are mostly seen as being concerned about how they look when in public. But, when they spend too many years being a devoted wife, the burden of household chores often tires them, and they seem to be losing interest in how they look or what they wear.

However, if you notice that she is suddenly working out a lot, wearing tight clothes, wearing perfume while going out, trying out new hairstyles, none of them are meant to seek a compliment from you. That means there is already someone singing her praises. 

If you type cheating wife Reddit, you’ll see a lot of people have said how their wives dress up hot when going out with others. So if your wife is doing the same, it probably means she is cheating on you.

4: She Suddenly Has A Lot Of New Friends

She Suddenly Has A Lot Of New Friends

If you search for cheating wife stories, you’ll see how many husbands have said that their wives barely go out with them anymore because they are so busy running errands with their friends. But, have you ever met any of these friends?

If yes, then you may ask these friends if your wife has actually gone out with them or not. But, if she has made some new girlfriends on the block, and she is always hanging out with them, it means she probably has met some new men as well.

5: She Is Not Interested About Your Social Life Anymore

She Is Not Interested About Your Social Life Anymore

Wives generally stay curious about their husbands’ social lives when they come home late or when they go out for Sunday Golf games or club hangouts with their buddies. So, one of the best ways to prove wife infidelity is to notice if she asks you these questions anymore or not.

When wives stop asking questions about their social life, it means they have developed a social life of their own. It’s your wife who always used to yell at you when you were busy drinking with our buddies, but now she encourages you to hang out with them more than ever.

You know what it means, right? It means your cheating wife is playing for a different team now. So, if you stay busy in your social life, she gets a lot of free time to dance to someone else’s tunes.

6: She Is Always Angry At You

She Is Always Angry At You

Men, it’s time to play reverse psychology. If you think that you have a cheating wife, that gives you the right to be angry. Well, women are a lot more manipulative and complicated than you are dear. So they may start to pick on your silly faults and get mad at you always so that it justifies their cheating behaviors if they are caught.

YES!!! They think of the game ahead and plan it far better than you do, apparently. When I heard the story of a real cheating wife, I found this trick. So, if your wife is always getting angry at you no matter what you do, it may indicate that your wife will soon throw the divorce papers at your face.

7: She No Longer Wears The Wedding Ring You’ve Given To Her

Isn’t it pretty obvious??? Is it the same girl who screamed YES on top of her lungs when you first proposed to her, and now she doesn’t even bother wearing the ring??? 

She may make excuses that it doesn’t fit her anymore, or she forgot to wear it, but why did she even take it off in the first place, right?

Just make sure you notice her finger when she leaves home and when she gets back. You’ll see if she is proudly showing off her ring or is wearing many rings on other fingers too so that the wedding ring doesn’t get highlighted too much. Wives that cheat don’t want to show it off that they are married, so it’s an evident sign to catch a cheating wife.

8: She Stops Planning Large Expenses

Have you ever read Literotica cheating wife? Well, it may sound like a fantasy, but the reality is not so dreamy after all. See, women love to renovate the house, plan a vacation, buy expensive stuff for themselves and their kids to look like a happy family to all.

But, what does it mean when your wife doesn’t care about these things anymore. She is not interested in a vacation, and she is not interested in interior decoration. She is not even excited about planning a birthday party or an anniversary party anymore. Are you kidding me??? 

It’s obvious that she has gathered interest in something or someone new other than these petty, showy things. So beware, my friend, because your wife is probably cheating on you.

9: She Jokes About Cheating

A wife talks about cheating. It can have two connotations. Either she is trying to catch you cheating on her, or she is trying to check your reaction if you smell the whiff of her cheating on you. 

But, wives generally don’t joke about cheating unless they are the ones cheating themselves. When a wife cheats, she tends to see her husband’s reaction even if she ever gets caught. Unlike men, who tend to avoid the subject as a whole, women tend to bring it up occasionally and see their chances of getting out with it.

So, if your wife is suddenly joking about cheating, it probably means she is already playing that joke on you.

10: She Is Not Jealous If Anyone Flirts With You

Wives tend to be more suspicious of men than men are of women. But, wives who cheat are probably praying that you are cheating on them to justify them cheating on you. 

So, if your wife, who always used to ask you about your female coworkers, or ex-girlfriends has suddenly stopped being jealous, that may be a sign of a cheating wife.

We are not saying they always have to turn into a green monster whenever you talk to a female friend. But, if she even catches someone openly flirting with you and still doesn’t react, you know what it means, right? It means she is doing the same thing with someone else too.

11: She Always Deletes Her Web History

Is your wife suddenly spending a lot of time on her laptop? It’s normal considering the way we work in the 21st century, right? But is she constantly deleting her search history? It’s probably because she doesn’t want you to find out what she has been up to.

She may be checking on new gift items to give her boyfriend or checking new destinations to plan a vacation with him. She also may be checking on hotels to spend the night with the man without you knowing. But, how will you know what she is up to if her search history is permanently deleted? 

Well, if you notice this sign, it’s mostly because you have a cheating wife. So try to confront her or look for such other signs.

12: She Has Unexplainable Mood Swings

Women and mood swings-aren’t they interrelated?? Yes, they are, but that’s another excuse women use when they cheat on their husbands. Wives that cheat may take care of you sexually and emotionally someday and may become completely distant from you the next day.

Don’t take it casually. If they behave like this for no apparent reason, it means she is a cheating wife. Her taking care of you suddenly is her way of making up for you for cheating, and her being distant from you is rooted in her problems with her new relationship.

13: She Has Anxiety/Depression

You may not know it, but fear always has its way of taking things out of control. For example, in all the cheating wife sex stories, you may have noticed how the wives were always depressed. Now, either their depression leads them to the arms of another man, or they are depressed because they are always afraid to get caught.

You may see your wife is having trouble sleeping or spending too much time away from you. But, if you go to her to comfort her, she is not responding to that. It means the fear of getting caught is eating her from the inside, which clearly means she is a cheating wife.

14: She Has Developed New Habits

When two people stay in a new relationship, they start picking each other’s habits. For example, if your wife has always been a wine lover, but suddenly she is drinking whiskey. If you ask her when she started drinking whiskey, she is probably referring to some friend you never even heard about.

There can be other examples too. For example, your wife may suddenly show a new interest in art galleries, jazz music, or old English literature, which she never bothered about before. If she has acquired any such new habits, it means she is cheating on you.

15: She Avoids Eye Contact With You

Just because you have a cheating wife doesn’t necessarily make her a bad person, right?  We mean, she still has some conscience left, which is why she cannot make eye contact with you. 

It’s easier to notice if she is comfortable talking to your eye to eye, or she keeps on taking her gaze away from you. Just notice this behavior for some days, and you will find out if your wife is cheating on you or not.


As we are talking about the signs of a cheating wife, we think you may want to know much more than just the mere signs. So, let’s take a look at the FAQ section because we have handpicked a few questions here that may stay stuck in your mind.

1: How Do You Treat A Cheating Wife?

Ans: If you have a cheating wife, there are some ways to treat that person. Firstly, you should always keep your kids out of it because they don’t need to know the philandering attitude of their mother. You should also avoid the blame game, and try confronting your wife. Be practical, and learn to take care of yourself because that will be the perfect answer for your cheating wife.

2: Can A Cheating Wife Ever Be Trusted Again?

Ans: You may not trust your cheating wife 100% again, but as we say, it takes time to build trust, and your wife has to earn it back from you. If you can’t trust her 100%, we think that’s okay because it may prevent such future affairs.

But time may heal these wounds, and you may start trusting her again, so don’t give up on her so easily.

3: Should I Stay With Cheating Wife?

Ans: If your wife is deeply sorry for hurting you and betraying your relationship, you may consider forgiving her. But, it all varies from one man to another, so there’s no thumb rule to guide you in this phase. But, you should try to work it out with your cheating wife if this is the first time it has happened and if she is sorry.

What To Do If You Suspect Your Wife Is Cheating?

So, What can you do if you suspect that your wife is cheating? When you suspect that your wife is being unfaithful, you might feel sad, frustrated, and angry. You feel confused about approaching the whole situation as there are multiple questions running in your head. 

In such a situation, follow the steps mentioned below. 

1. Take Some Time:

Give yourself the space and time to process things before you can get angry with your partner. Attacking your partner will only lead them to counter-attack on you, eventually ruining the whole situation. So, to begin with, take a pause and then reflect on the situation at hand. That way, you can have some control over your emotions. 

2. Think About Your Kids:

If there are kids in your marriage, then it is best that you think about them and how the situation will impact them. Will the situation prove to be traumatic for your children? You have to ensure that you can handle things in a way that you keep your children first. 

3. Confront Your Partner:

Now, it is time to confront and have a conversation with your partner, asking them all the right questions calmly. Make sure that both of you are communicating. You shouldn’t be the only one that you can talk to or even listen to – just ask them about the where’s, when’s, and how’s!

4. Find Your Peace:

Once the confrontation and communication are over, give yourself some time to breathe and keep those emotions away. Just find your mental peace and let the situation go for the time being. Instead, think about other stuff and keep yourself busy. 

5. Take A Decision:

Once you feel a little balanced and in the right state of mind, you can take the decision to either step out of the relationship or work on it, depending on the actual intensity of the cheating episode and your partner’s response to the whole situation. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have explained a few warning signs of a cheating wife that you should never ignore. We know it takes plenty of dedication and commitment to make a marriage work, but that doesn’t mean you will deliberately skip the cheating signs of your partner. Confront her, find out the truth, and then try to make it work either by staying with her or separating. If you have any further questions about it, you can ask us in the comment box.

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