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Supreme Court To Give A Judgment About The Same-Sex Marriage On October 17

Supreme Court To Give A Judgment About The Same-Sex Marriage On October 17

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The constitution bench, which is headed by D.Y. Chandrachund, the Chief Justice of India, has scheduled October 17 for announcing the judgment in a petition series seeking legal recognition of same-sex marriage. The case was reserved for judgment on May 11.

The bench has four other judges. Justice S Ravindra, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Justice PS Narasimha, and Justice Hima Kohli are going to retire from the Bench on October 20.

The government recently proposed to form a committee that the Union Cabinet Secretary would lead to examine whether it is possible to take any “administrative measures” to ease the concerns about same-sex couples in places like insurance, banking, etc.

The Bench termed the stand of the Government as a “step forward” and a “big, big positive” sign of getting social acceptance towards the right for same-sex couples to live together.

Justice D.Y.Chandrachund said that the court has examined the need for the actual judicial declaration any same-sex couple had the “right to cohabit together in a normal, peaceable environment in our country without facing any form of discrimination, societal or otherwise.”

The people who put in the petition termed this attempt of the government as a “tyranny of mejoritarianism” and requested the court not to give in. They mentioned that they had all the right to enjoy being married and having the security of having a family.

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