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Barsha Bhattacharya

Barsha Bhattacharya is a senior content writing executive. As a marketing enthusiast and professional for the past 4 years, writing is new to Barsha. And she is loving every bit of it. Her niches are marketing, lifestyle, wellness, travel and entertainment. Apart from writing, Barsha loves to travel, binge-watch, research conspiracy theories, Instagram and overthink.

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Degradation Kink
100 BDSM Humiliation & Degradation Kink Ideas And Phrases

As a 26-year-old woman, I am all those things that so many like me believe…

how to ride a guy
How To Ride A Guy: 10 Tips On How To Give Him The Best Sex Ever

Falling in love is a lot like an adrenaline rush, only it lasts longer…for most…

Dirty Pick Up Lines
Top 101 Dirty Pick Up Lines [2022]

It is universally acknowledged that a single man* in possession of a good fortune must…

praise kink
Do I Have A Praise Kink? 41 Intense Praise Kink Phrases!

Lately, social media has been all about praise kink. If you are a ‘good girl’…

Drinking Games For Couples
Drinking Games For Couples To Get Drunk In Love – Made For Our Love Birds!

I have always seen such a different personality take over when people get drunk. This…

how to flirt with a guy
How To Flirt With A Guy [Without Really Flirting At All]?

Figuring out how to flirt with a guy is most definitely not as simple as…

what to do when your boyfriend is mad at you
How To Make A Guy Stop Being Mad At You After A Fight?

You have met the most incredible man out there. The first few months are casual…

manipulative relationship
How To End A Controlling Or Manipulative Relationship?

Disclaimer: If you have never been in a controlling or manipulative relationship, this article might…

How to handle a wife
How To Handle A Wife? The Perfect Guide To Tame Your Wife

In today’s ‘how are women treated as objects,’ we will talk about how to handle…

Why Choose Tinder? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, FAQs, And More 

It was December 2018, and I was on Tinder for the first time, trying to…

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