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Celebrate International Women’s Day: Make Her Feel Special With These Ideas

Celebrate International Women’s Day: Make Her Feel Special With These Ideas

Celebrate International Women’s Day
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Without really mincing words, the existence of amazing women in your life can change your life for the good. Women are ingenious, loyal, strong, and powerful – these women deserve to be celebrated every single day of the year. But how do you plan to celebrate International Women’s Day? 

After all, celebrating all the special women in your life acts as a reminder of how amazing these women truly are! 

Beyond identifying its importance, it is vital to find out how you can celebrate Women’s Day to make the important women in your life feel special. At the end of the day, different women are motivated by different things. So, to make the special woman in your life happy and excited, it is imperative to celebrate the day however she wants!

Celebrating International Women’s Day, among other things, is a way to remind women about the special place they hold in your life. Also, research shows that celebrating the right occasions for the special people in your life will not only make your relationship with them better but also protect you against any challenge that might arise in the future. 

For example, when you make a woman feel special on Women’s Day, she will start trusting and loving you more simply because you seize magical moments. 

So, without wasting time, let’s check out the best ways to make a woman feel special on this women’s day!

Buckle up – this is about to get interesting. 

How To Celebrate International Women’s Day? 3 Romantic Ideas To Make Her Feel Special

How To Celebrate International Women’s Day

So, how can you celebrate International Women’s Day to make your girl feel special? Buying her a bouquet of flowers or taking her out for a simple coffee date is not appropriate for the occasion. Of course, you can do those things, but it doesn’t really take a whole lot of effort. After all, you want her to feel special – and making someone feel special doesn’t always cost a lot, but it takes time and effort. 

So, why not forget about conventional ideas and do something really romantic for her this women’s day?

Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect women’s day for your partner! 

1. Cook Her A Delicious Dinner:

Cook Her A Delicious Dinner

Cooking your partner a delicious dinner to celebrate International Women’s Day is a fantastic idea! 

How many times have you ordered takeout and sat on the couch, chilling with Netflix on? Too many times, right? So, hear us out: What if the whole dinner-making procedure was the date? Or what about cooking a spread for her, for that matter? 

The best part about cooking together or just cooking alone for your partner while she watches you cook is the opportunity to make things a little spicy inside the kitchen. 

Or, you can just role-play – remember Syd and Carmy from The Bear? Hey! No judgment, please! – we love it!

Moreover, nobody is saying you have to cook something complex and fancy like chocolate soufflé and beef bourguignon. We literally don’t know anyone who has the energy to cook that, especially on a weekday! But hello, what about some truffle mac & cheese for dinner? 

The point is that fancy-looking, delicious, and doable romantic dinners exist. It does not matter if both you and your partner lack advanced cooking skills. Treat this like an experimental project, and if it doesn’t work out, just order takeout like all the other nights. 

So, just take a few deep breaths, wear an apron, and figure out which romantic dinner dish you are going to cook for your partner. From fancy grilled cheese and Korean BBQ to truffle oil pizza, there’s so much to do if you only open up to the idea of cooking for your partner. 

10 Romanic Dinner Ideas That Will Set The Mood Just Right:

Our favorite romantic dinner ideas for setting the mood just right include:

  • Pasta with savory Jack sausages and Parmesan. 
  • Mushroom Risotto with seared scallops. 
  • Linguine with Clams.
  • Truffe Pizza.
  • Refried Butternut Tacos. 
  • Lemon Rosemary Chicken.
  • Honey Glazed Salmon.
  • Korean BBQ beef bowls. 
  • Braised chicken with coconut milk. 
  • Mushroom Stroganoff.

2. Throw A Women’s Day Party For Your Partner:

Throw A Women’s Day Party For Your Partner

Throwing a party for your partner to celebrate International Women’s Day is another great idea that you must consider. 

While cooking a meal and planning a date at home is more suited for homebodies and people who enjoy quiet evenings at home. But if your partner is outgoing, social, and very extroverted, then you should definitely do something that involves others, like throwing a party!

Just plan a surprise party, invite her girl gang, and excuse yourself from the event – make it all-girls. Or, you can also just invite anyone who is close to your partner, irrespective of their gender, and party together. Of course, you can play around with the Women’s Day theme – you can ask everyone to make purple a part of their dress code, for instance. 

Moreover, a women’s day party is truly a celebration of sorts – you are partying to celebrate the important women in your life, or just your partner, for that matter. 

You will just have to ensure that you are inviting everyone your partner likes – don’t end up calling people who undermine women with their behavior or who fail to grasp the significance of celebrating Women’s Day. That way, you can ensure that the day passes without any tension and nothing makes your partner unhappy. 

10 Women’s Day Party Activity Ideas To Make The Day Memorable:

Our favorite Women’s Day party activity ideas to make the day memorable include:

  • Day spa pamper party.
  • Pimps and hoes (but only if your friends have a great sense of humor).
  • Horror or Halloween-themed party.
  • Pyjama party (but only if it’s an all-nighter party.)
  • Memory lane with a killer photo booth. 
  • Dress like your favorite female fictional character/celebrity. 
  • White party (remember, Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 1?)
  • Boardgame night but add alcohol to the mix. 
  • Death to my youth party (make it funeral-themed).
  • Glow in the dark party. 

3. Gift Your Partner Something Thoughtful:

Gift Your Partner Something Thoughtful

It is a fact of life – finding the right gifts for your partner is a difficult affair. And finding thoughtful gifts for your partner? 

It can literally drive you mad trying to figure out the ideal gifts to make your partner smile from ear to ear, particularly for a major event like a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even Women’s Day. 

For instance, what if you are handling an FWB situation that is becoming something more serious, and you are worried about an appropriate gift? Or what if you guys have just gone out once or twice, and now you have no clue what to get your potential partner for Women’s Day? 

Or what if you have spent years together, and now you have no clue? Don’t worry – giving a gift is not the hard part; making it thoughtful is the difficult part! 

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Whether you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or even some other occasion, there is definitely going to be something or the other that will be able to fit the bill! From thoughtful gifts meant for long-distance couples to gift ideas for couples living together, there are gift ideas for everyone. 

While the price of the gift is a vital topic of conversation, the best gifts are always the ones that make someone feel sentimental and thoughtful. After all, nobody knows your relationship better than you – so choosing something special for your partner is something you will know the best. 

Moreover, it can be slightly cheesy (no judgment, please) and sweet, or even something deeply meaningful. It can also be something practical or super-useful that will make your partner think about you every time they pick it up. 

10 Women’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Thoughtful And Meaningful:

Our favorite Women’s Day gift ideas that are thoughtful and meaningful include:

  • A year-long subscription to Yoga or any activity in the wellness industry. 
  • Tickets to her dream destination.
  • A message in a bottle (Remember, Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks). 
  • Monthly date night subscription (Get her 12 – till International Women’s Day 2025). 
  • A neck massager (it’s a blessing in disguise).
  • Buy a star and name it after her (it’s cheap!)
  • Buy a set of pillows with her name on them (we love comfort). 
  • A sentimental star map outlining the distance between the two of you.
  • Pay for a monthly/weekly cooking class that you guys can go to together. 
  • A customized hamper with everything she loves – candles, diffuser, skincare, you know how it goes! 

4. Do Something Real For Her:

Do Something Real For Her

Do you know the problem with most of us? We tend to think more on the commercial lines, especially for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Women’s Day in this case. 

Let’s give you an example: Last year, our organization launched the Menstrual Policy for all women and trans employees – it’s a no-questions-asked leave that we can prevail every month. 

When we walked inside the office on Women’s Day, there was a card, a rose, and a chocolate on every table. To make matters interesting, the cards had a surprise news printed on them – all of us were super happy, not to mention, surprised to get something ‘real,’ for a change on Women’s Day.

So, when we are talking about doing something real, we mean something real for sure – like doing something for her that she finds extremely annoying. 

For instance, let’s assume that she wants to get her house redone but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to go about it the right way. Yep, that’s your opportunity – you gotta stoop in and save the day. Just help her with the house and watch her become happy in the blink of an eye. 

Or, let’s assume that she hates taking public transport to work every morning – time for a new Vehicle for her? Perhaps a scooty if you want to keep things simple?

The point is to do something real that would solve some real-life problem she has been facing. Whether it includes fixing something or redoing her house, the idea is to solve her problems. 

5 Women’s Day Celebration Ideas That’s All About Doing Something Real:

  • Take her out for grocery shopping and let her shop for groceries and everything else she needs from the supermarket. It might not sound real right now, but it’s a damn good idea!
  • Buy her a scooter or a car (if you want to go big). It will really solve her commute issue – plus, it will make her learn something new. 
  • Host a wellness session exclusively for her – make it a spiritual affair accompanied by meditation and mental health care. 
  • Invest in a local women’s shelter and do something selflessly to celebrate your partner. The idea is to treat your partner to a special, immersive experience.
  • Help her with something that has been bothering her like painting her walls, redoing her house, getting her car cleaned, you get the drift. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day In Style:

To celebrate International Women’s Day is one thing and to do it in style is another thing. So, instead of buying her a bouquet of roses, why not do something real for her, for a change? It is not that you can’t get her roses, but you can do something real other than buying her roses.

So, do something real, something authentic, something that actually means something to her on this Woman’s Day. Also, don’t forget to make it a huge surprise – we love surprises, even if we keep saying we hate them!

Let us know how you decide to celebrate Women’s Day with the special women in your life – we will be waiting, and the comment section will be open!

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