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50 Shades Of Woman Fantasies

50 Shades Of Woman Fantasies

Woman Fantasies
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Being a Woman, I can assure you that women have some explicit sexual fantasies that they might have been too shy to share, even with their closest friends. But that is it. Most women keep it limited to fantasies and do not try to get those fulfilled. So, if you are a woman checking if things match with your very own fantasies, or a man checking some woman fantasies and looking for ways to turn things on with your partner, you are at the right place.

It is often said that any taboo situation or sexual act could be intensely erotic. But we might not want to get into those ourselves. You will find a lot of erotica for woman, and they hesitate to express themselves out loud. They find comfort more in books. According to a clinical sexologist in New York, Cyndi Darnell, “we may not actually want to do them. Instead, these fantasies can offer a portal into aspects of our non-sexual emotions that we’re trying to reconcile in our day-to-day lives.”

So, now that you know how women think. The next time you see a woman lost in her own world, it is possible that she is having an explicit erotic fantasy playing in her mind. So, ladies, read along to check if yours made it to the list, and men, take notes.

Some Common Sexual Woman Fantasies

Some Common Sexual Woman Fantasies

It is absolutely healthy to try new things in bed. This helps to keep the spark alive and also spices things up in their sex life. It is okay if you want to reverse the role or have a role play. But there are some fantasies that might be a little difficult to express and communicate with your partner.

For instance, if you have the asexual fantasy of getting involved in group sex or getting in bed with someone while your partner is watching.

Here I have listed some common women’s fantasies.

Being Dominated

Want a Christian Grey to your Anastasia Steele within? Well, your partner is just into it as well. What you have to do, is ask and communicate. Almost about 65% of women have a fantasy about getting dominated in bed.

Channa Bromley, a dating and relationship coach, says, “There’s a reason 50 Shades of Grey made such an impact! BDSM is alluring because one partner relinquishes all sense of control. They’re submissive to the person touching them, but subconsciously give themselves permission to be wild, to be orgasmic in response—she doesn’t need to hold back.

But remember that wanting to dominate in bed does not make you weak, or it doesn’t make your partner superior to you. Darnell says, “Fantasies involving power play may speak to a desire to gain or relinquish control regarding our private lives, work lives, or role in society. Power dynamics in an erotic context create such sensorial arousal.”

Having A Threesome

There is something about threesomes that women cannot resist. Mostly one of the two people they dream about is their partner, and the other person is some other guy or gal, whoever you prefer. Getting the love and attention for two people at one, is immensely arousing and sensual at the same time.

Darnell says, “Fantasies of being the center of attention and desired by large groups of people may be about a longing to be seen and valued as a person of worth or importance, or part of something much larger than the individual self.

Having Sex With Other Women

Being involved with another woman is a fantasy for most. Even if they are straight, they have it in their mind, the thought of experiencing how it feels to be with a woman. But most of them hesitate and lack the freedom to say it out loud. Having a little same-sex action or to be precise lesbian-sex is more about liberation and less about sexual orientation, or a little bit of both.

You might be straight, but suddenly dream about being with a woman. That does not necessarily mean that you are not into men anymore. It is just a fantasy about being with another woman and the desire to be loved and pleasured in a way women know best.

Enjoying A Romp In Public  

If you snuck out of the crowd and had a quickie with your partner in someone’s house as a guest, then you know the rush you feel inside. This makes sex even more enticing and hot than your regular days. Or maybe you like the idea of having an audience or like to be on display. There is something very exciting about the idea of having sex in a place where you might get caught or there is a chance of others watching you.

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Having Sex With Total Strangers  

Almost all women have a fantasy of having sex with a total stranger. This allows them to avoid certain issues like intimacy, jealousy, and attachment. It is like no things attached, just a one-night stand without any feelings involved.

According to Darnell, “Fantasies about sex with strangers may give expression to a desire to be free of pressure, duty, and responsibility to others in our day-to-day lives. Oftentimes, such fantasies are about what that person represents rather than who they are.”

Do It With Someone Other Than Your Spouse  

There are a lot of women fantasies that you might find a little weird, but it is completely natural for them. Women have a fantasy of doing it with acquaintances. Do not freak out or find it unnatural if you suddenly find yourself dreaming about the new guy in the office who irritates you a lot, your hot boss, or the smoking hot guy next door.

Especially when you are in a long-term relationship, one of the biggest enemies of satisfaction and sexual desires is boredom. Fantasizing about what you already know is mostly because it regularly shows up in your life. And also because there is a sense of curiosity, intensity, mystery, and, most of all, the power of imagination.

According to Darnell, if you are dreaming of having sex with someone you don’t like, it is not because you are looking for hate sex. He says, “Fantasies about a person we actively dislike may be a way of coming to terms with the dynamic and taking control of the situation in your mind to make peace with it in the real world.”

Mix Pain And Pleasure  

Again if we take reference from 50 Shades and its fantasies, there are women who like the idea of mixing pain and pleasure. And that pain can be in the form of biting, spanking, or dripping wax. The pain has a way of bringing you back to the present moment. Also, physiologically the inflicted pain keeps the body awake, making it even more sensitive to pleasure.

Well, if you think it through, dripping hot wax, spanking, and biting are great forms of foreplay, and you know the better the foreplay, the more the anticipation, and as a result, the pleasure is even more when you reach the main part or when you climax. So guys, never miss out on the foreplay, as that is a major part of women fantasies.

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