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Barsha Bhattacharya

Barsha Bhattacharya is a senior content writing executive. As a marketing enthusiast and professional for the past 4 years, writing is new to Barsha. And she is loving every bit of it. Her niches are marketing, lifestyle, wellness, travel and entertainment. Apart from writing, Barsha loves to travel, binge-watch, research conspiracy theories, Instagram and overthink.

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What Is Fexting? Here’s What You Need To Know About “Fighting Over Text”

Unless you are with your partner all day long, which is unlikely, the odds are…

Ever Heard Of Stonewalling? Here’s What You Need To Know (And How To Address It)

In an ideal life, when your significant other’s behavior or attitude shifts, they become willing…

What Is Even Compersion
What Is Even Compersion? The Very Opposite Of Jealousy In Ethical Non-Monogamy

It is only normal to be happy with your partner when they are doing something…

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate
Twin Flame Vs Soulmate: What’s The Difference? Nope, They Aren’t The Same!

Is it just me, or are you also intrigued about calling your partner your ‘twin…

falling out of love
17 Women On Falling Out Of Love: The Painfully Honest Reasons We Never Acknowledge

TBH, heartbreaks are gut-wrenching. After all, the love was real – then how are you…

No Contact Rule
The No Contact Rule Is Real…(Block Your Ex Right Now!)

The no contact rule is absolutely real and perhaps the only way you can break…

Why Am I Attracted to Older Men
Um, Why Am I Attracted to Older Men? Let’s Ask Experts!

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘why am I attracted to older men?’ Is it because…

relationship anxiety
Anxious About Your New Relationship? Mindset Shifts to Stop Relationship Anxiety

Come on, guys, we live in a world where ghosting is ‘acceptable’ and widely practiced,…

Bedroom Eyes
Bedroom Eyes: What They Are & Secrets To Master The Art Of Seductive Eyes

So, what is your go-to seduction technique? Are you all words, or do you prefer…

Limerence vs Love: Signs That You Are In The Limerence Phase Of A Relationship

Hello, let’s start with a couple of quick questions. Have you ever dated someone and…

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