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Aries Man In Love: Make Him Chase You!

Aries Man In Love: Make Him Chase You!

Aries Man In Love
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When you first start dating anyone, there are only a handful of things you need to explore. For instance, where is he actually from? Oh, most importantly, when is his birthday?

This is not just for wishing him on that day (I mean, it might not last till then), but it, perhaps, the best way to find your potential boo’s zodiac. His zodiac can help you understand his behavior, especially towards you!

If you are dating, Instagram sleuthing, or just crushing hard over some hot Aries man, we are here to help! These fiery rams are competitive, assertive, and just the right amount of extra. But don’t get intimidated – they are a real softy inside.

Fortunately, astrology allows most of us to talk about personality traits, ideas, and more. Moreover, there is so much more to an Aries guy than what you realize initially.

So, if the object of your daydream’s birthday falls between the 21st of March and the 19th of April, you are in for a treat because an Aries man in love is just beautiful!

And I’m here to help you out!

Aries Man In Love:

Aries Man In Love

Like I was saying, an Aries man in love is a sight to behold!

At the beginning, he might appear to be somewhat noncommittal. But once he is in, he is literally all in! He wants to be with you all the time. In fact, he becomes almost obsessed with you (in a positive way).

Moreover, he is not scared to show you his romantic side. You can expect flowers on the date night, lots of passionate sex, and coffee in bed.

So, here are some aspects related to being in love with an Aries man – scroll down to find out!

Sex With An Aries Man:  

Aries is a fire sign, and boy, is it passionate? They will have no problem taking the initiative in bed. And they might even get a little kinky – think power play (they are bossy, after all)! In fact, your Aries man will always be down for some experimenting in bed.

Moreover, they are naturally playful and curious. As a result, sex for them is something fun – they are not looking for boring, vanilla sex. Instead, they are always up and about new sex scenarios, kinks, toys, and positions.

So, if you are dating an Aries man, be sure that your sex life is going to be anything but boring! Like Sonic, Aries loves speed! So, chances are you will also be having multiple quickie sessions.

Date Night With An Aries Man:  

Aries is a naturally active sign. This doesn’t mean you have to end up at the gym on your first date with them. While they might just be up for a gym date, understand that the typical ‘Netflix and chill’ is pretty boring to them. In fact, they want to do something fun, something active.

That could turn out to be anything – from skydiving to going to a dance class together or even checking out a new bar. It is all about the ‘NEW! So, come up with your list of exciting date ideas because an Aries man might not be up for doing the same thing again.

Aries Man In Love: How To Make Him Chase You?

So, you are falling for an Aries man! Ah well, that happens to the best of us, and now you want him to chase you! Of course, he will chase you – it’s not difficult to make him chase you. Yes, you read it right – you can make him chase you.

Here’s how!

1. Don’t Chase Him:  

Go easy, and don’t chase him.

It does not matter how handsome he is or how long it has been since his last text; let him chase you. If you end up making all the first moves, then he will see the whole thing as ‘too easy’ and end up losing interest quickly.

For instance, if he wants to step out for dinner then don’t give your suggestions. Instead, let him plan everything and work around your schedule – won’t be fully available.

The thing is, you do not have to make his whole job easy. Let him do all the hard work – after all, it’s the best way to actually get his attention.

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2. Don’t Be Clingy:  

So, while it is fine to let him into your life, don’t actually go overboard.

Aries men do not appreciate feeling suffocated or trapped. So, don’t text him constantly or make several plans with him at a go.

Instead, retain your independence and don’t forget that your own life just because you met someone new. If you do this, you will not just avoid being needy and clingy, but you will make yourself appear so much more interesting. After all, you have your own life!

3. Have A Sense Of Humor:  

Aries men have a great sense of humor, and naturally, they seek the same in their potential boo as well. Moreover, they love a woman who can banter with them or possess the quick wit needed for smart rebuttals.

Aries men have a sense of humor, and they look for that in their partners, too. They want a partner who can match their sense of humor. For Aries men, there is a fine boundary – they don’t like any offensive or cruel jokes. So, it’s better to not overdo it.

4. Don’t Forget To Flirt:  

Finally, don’t forget that your Aries man loves flirting.

Aries men are very charming. And they love getting turned on – both physically and mentally. So, flirt with him and appeal to his body as well as mind.

Since Aries men are receptive to physical touch and stimulation, don’t be scared to let the sexual tension build-up. You can make him laugh, tease him, and add an element of mystery to your life – he will think you are absolutely irresistible.

Aries Man In Love: You Might Fall First, But He Falls Harder!

An Aries man in love is a man waiting to bring the world to your feet. Once you are able to make him pursue you, you will know that he is somewhat hooked on you.

However, while physical attraction is important for an Aries man, it’s his mental side that keeps him interested. You might fall for him first, but he will fall for you harder!

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