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A Hopeless Romantic In Love: How To Attract A Visual Person? (As Per  Experts) 

A Hopeless Romantic In Love: How To Attract A Visual Person? (As Per  Experts) 

Hopeless Romantic
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If you love binge-watching dating shows and romantic comedies, which are your favorite genres, you might just be a hopeless romantic. It does feel like an oxymoron of sorts, considering you are calling yourself ‘hopeless’ just because you are overly positive and hopeful.  

Hopeless romantics are people who are in love with the idea of being in love. For them, love can conquer all.  

While cinema depicts a fantasy world for romantics where they find true love easily, the truth is not much about finding love. After all, it’s about believing in love under all circumstances. These are the people who choose to look at the positives in romance over the negatives, wholeheartedly believing that love does conquer all.  

Such people are always susceptible to falling for someone and just getting carried away in the romance. Typically, they dream, fantasize, and are in delusionships with their crushes. Hopeless romantics look at the world with rose-tinted glasses – they desire love, partnership, and having a real relationship.  

While it does not actually sound bad, the biggest problem with being a die-hard romantic is that freely giving your heart comes with risks, especially when you choose partners who don’t give you the same level of respect and love in return.  

Falling in love is easy – but what about making your crush fall for you in return? Depending on whether your crush is more receptive to a visual approach, audio, or even kinesthetics, you can actually make someone fall for you.  

So, you can actually convert your delusionship into a real relationship easily.  

I spoke at length with Dr. Chinmoy Vajpeyee (behaviorist, Psychometric Assessments Trained, NLP practitioner, and clean language enthusiast) to find out how to attract a visual guy – stay tuned to hear what he has to say about making your crush fall for you

A Hopeless Romantic’s Attempt To Attract A Visual Person:

A Hopeless Romantic’s Attempt To Attract A Visual Person

If you think you are a hopeless romantic and you can’t stop thinking about that one guy at work, let’s find out how to make him fall for you.  

For starters, men are visual creatures. It’s a rumor, really, but it has been doing the rounds for way too long to be false. Yep, the idea that men are drawn to visual stimuli more than women. Of course, science and psychology say anyone could be visual – and your gender mostly has nothing to do with it. 

In fact, both genders showed the same kind of visual interest depending on the kind of sexual content they see, regardless of their gender. Visual desire is not very specific – but it is common.  

Desire is more like a complex dance influenced by a solid cocktail of contextual, emotional, and psychological factors. It is not just about what you get to see, but also about what you get to hear, smell, feel, and for many, even the connection between your partner and you matters.  

Here, our senses, as well as the meaning we end up attributing to them, actually work together to generate human desire.  

Now, this revelation makes things so much better, considering you can attract someone just by tapping into their primary mode of reception.  

As a result, hopeless romantics obsessing over visual creatures can breathe a sigh of relief. Dr.Chinmoy has some secrets that will help you attract your crush!  

Stay tuned and find out how to get a visual guy to go out with you!  

So, How To Attract A Visual Person?

How To Attract A Visual Person

Dr. Chinmoy points out that “Bryan Adams had something to say when, in his characteristic sandpaper tenor, he sang those lines, ‘Look into my eyes you will see….what you mean to me,’ or maybe Savage Gardens serenading ‘guess she knows from the smiles and the look in the eyes….’ and how could we ever forget the classic from Sir Elton John lending, wherein he lent his mellifluous voice to the words, ‘there is something about the way you look tonight,’ to Rihanna saying ‘just wanna stand there and watch me burn.’ Throughout time, everybody is hinting at it (maybe we aren’t taking it seriously) – watch, look, eyes, it is all about visuals. Its heavily visual again, as if painting a Mona Lisa out of sheer words.” 

Yes, visual creatures are everywhere. As a hopeless romantic, if you are crushing over a visual guy, then don’t worry! He might not wear his heart on his sleeves (much like you), but that doesn’t mean he won’t fall hard for you!  

In fact, after talking to 30 hopeless romantics at work, I found out that 90% of them are crushing over visual people. Interestingly, 70% of the same group was excited to find out that there was a way to make their crush fall for them.  

This Is Where Things Get Interesting…

But is it so easy to make someone visually fall for you just by making small changes to how you approach them or by simply manifesting the whole situation?  

Dr. Chinmoy agrees, “Well, you need to identify if someone is visual, and if he or she is, well, then the manifestation of your deepest darkest desires might be just a matter of time. The alchemy here is simple. If he uses visually loaded words/phrases like seeing, I have seen it all, watch it, or if his language is as if he is hardly leaving anything to the imagination and making it so explicitly and vividly clear, making it as good as a first-hand experience for you, well he is visual.” 

So, how do you make inroads into such a person’s heart? Hopeless romantics, attention! Let’s find out, shall we?  

Take A Visually-Loaded Approach To Conversation:

Take A Visually-Loaded Approach To Conversation

There are five different senses that impact our thought processes. Be it kinesthetic (movement and touch), auditory (hearing), visual (sight), gustatory (taste), or olfactory (smell). Figuring out which is the dominant sense in your crush by simply observing their conversation patterns, you can dig deep to figure out if these senses actually act on them internally or externally or both.  

For example, if your crush is a highly visual person, then it would take you a second to send them into bouts of laughter. So, you just have to randomly say, “A buffalo is wearing Spiderman underwear.” The moment you say something funny, your mind will immediately form this picture of a buffalo wearing bright underwear.  

Moreover, it is not the actual sight of some buffalo in red underwear but rather the internal visuals that send them into a state of laughter.  

So, how can you attract such a person?  

Interestingly, Dr. Chinmoy thinks it’s simple. He said, “use visually loaded words, pay attention to what colors appeal to him, talk to him about the movies rather than songs, or maybe cinematography rather than lyrics, novels and books would interest him more than podcasts, well surely there is some kind of magic which is required, but than at least you have the right ingredients to prepare that magical potion.” 

And I absolutely agree with Dr. Chinmoy on this! After all, your crush is more receptive to visual imagery. So, why not communicate with him in a language that he understands the best? That sounds good to me. What about you?  

Determine What Appeal To Your Crush More: The Past, The Present, Or The Future?

Determine What Appeal To Your Crush More

Your perspective on time can impact how you can live your life and do anything in general. Simply put, time perspective is about the importance of time in your life and how it has an impact on your actions.  

Obviously, there are three kinds of perspectives you can have based on time: 

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  • Past-Oriented: People who are past-oriented wish that their lives were just like the ‘old days.’ They will also wish for certain things not to happen. Moreover, people who prioritize the past think more about nostalgia – happy birthdays, successes, good old times, etc.  
  • Present-Oriented: People who are present-oriented are the ones who seek instant gratification. They also opt for basic enjoyment of what is actually in front of them. Moreover, such people have an open mind and are spontaneous as well as creative. They are also risk-takers, and they end up making friends very easily. But, they can easily act without even anticipating consequences and often don’t end up learning anything from their past failures.  
  • Future-Oriented: People who focus more on the future might shape a better future. Future-oriented individuals are always willing to delay any sort of gratification for a bigger reward in the future. Also, they can primarily imagine the steps between their present and some future events that have a bigger value.  

Surprisingly, Dr. Chinmoy completely agrees with us. He said, “You could try to figure out if he is past-, present-, or future-oriented. If he is constantly breaking into bouts of nostalgia, remembers his 8th-grade crush, or what you had said on that Monday of June 2022, well, he is definitely past-oriented; talk to him about past stuff, go on a roller coaster ride down the slopes and jungles of memories, needless to say with all the interest.” 

Find Out About His Blind Spot:

Find Out About His Blind Spot

Now, this one is interesting – so much so that it almost feels psychic. 

Have you ever heard about the blind spot – not the one inside your eyes, obviously?  

So, a blind spot is basically anything about yourself that you can’t see, but others can. There is a gap between what we present to others and how they see us. Sometimes, you might not even be able to recognize yourself from the feedback others are giving about you. 

But why is this blind spot relevant to a hopeless romantic? Because you can actually use your crush’s blind spot to your advantage. I remember my first session with Dr. Chinmoy. So, it took him only seconds to find my blind spot – of course, I’m not going to tell you guys about it.   

But Dr. Chinmoy has a small piece of advice for you. “Taking it a notch higher still, figure out if he keeps his paraphernalia and stuff aligned towards his right, well, then maybe that’s his space of attention, and the other side is a blind spot. So you might try and manipulate the space around him by being on the right side of his, literally. If you want to be heard, try aligning yourself to his right if he is right-oriented.” 

That was really helpful – it worked for me! What about you?  

Change Mode Of Communication Depending On What You Are About To Say:

Change Mode Of Communication

When you are talking to a visual person, you have to ensure that you alter your mode of communication depending on what you are about to say.  

In this context, Dr. Chinmoy said, “If you have to convey something nasty or unpleasant well, then don’t ever choose the visual mode, refrain from using messaging platforms or putting it into writing, say it out may be. This is because the primary filter of visual guys is visual – since that’s the shortest way to his heart, avoid it while talking about the harsh realities. Instead, choose an audio channel so that it doesn’t affect him to a great extent unless you want him to remember you for all the wrong reasons.” 

To cut a long story short, whenever you have something positive to tell him, opt for visual modes of communication. So, just send him a text. But if you have something harsh to tell him, then you should just pick up the phone and tell him.  

I think this is perhaps the most useful tip. It has helped not only with romantic prospects but also in the corporate world. Yes, ladies, if you think you can only use this tip for your crush, you are wrong. Use it wherever you want, and watch the world fall for you.  

A Hopeless Romantic In Love With A Visual Man: Match Made In Heaven!

A Hopeless Romantic In Love

As a hopeless romantic, nothing makes me happier more than making the object of my desires fall hard for me! And I know you guys agree, especially if you are crushing hard over a visual man, just like I am at the moment.  

Dr. Chinmoy has a small promise for all of you: if your guy is not visual, “Your guy could be audio or kinesthetic type as well. There is more on that in articles to follow; keep looking out for this space.” 

Yes, Dr.Chinmoy is absolutely right. I’ll be back soon with a detailed approach to attracting an audio and kinesthetic guy! Till then, use these moves on any visual person and watch the magic happen. Don’t forget to let us know about your experiences in the comments below. 

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