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Let Your Money Do The Pillow Talk: Money Kink

Let Your Money Do The Pillow Talk: Money Kink

Money Kink
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Transferring your power in the form of money and feeling great doing it? Well, you have money-kink. Do not worry, I got you. I will take my time deconstructing the kink in a way that makes sense to newbies. Scroll down to read more.  

What Is Money Kink Or Findom?

Some of them want to use you/ Some of them want to get used by you.

Nothing rings truer than the lyrics to this song. Power play is one of the biggest and most important aspects of the fetish lifestyle. Truth be told, it is all about giving up and taking power.  

In the same way, money kink or findom is all about giving up that power in the form of money. This can be broadly classified under the dominance and submission fetishism. Financial domination or Money kink is a multi-gendered kink. In other words, several people with different sexualities can come together to practice the kink.

What Is Money Kink Or Findom

In a money kink relationship, one person is the sub. Meanwhile, the other person becomes the fin-domme. The whole kink is based on the relationship between a domme and a sub. The sub is treated as a “human ATM.” He or she needs to give up his or her power in the form of money and expensive gifts.  

In most money kink scenarios, a dom and a sub might never meet. In other words, this is a form of a distant domination. As a money sub, you have to keep appeasing your fin-domme with gits and financial exchanges without any expectation of sexual gratification. Therefore, this sets it apart from several other forms of kinks. However, some cases do involve some form of BDSM or other kinky practices.  

Variations Of Roles

As I have already explained, money kink is one of the most prominent kinks of 2024. The fluidity of the kink makes it one of the most widely followed kinks of all time. As a result, the kink comes with a lot of variations.  

In order to truly understand a kink, we need to take a moment and understand the way a kink works. Every kink is based on gender and power roles. These roles make up the backbone of a kink.  

In a general sense, a findom relationship involves a paypig and a fin-domme. A pay pig is a person who is willing to spend an exorbitant amount of money in order to please their master or domme. Fin-domme, on the other hand, is the individual who uses the money of a paypig to buy things. One fin-domme can have several paypigs, and vice versa.  

Meanwhile, studies show that the world of Money Kink is shifting. There has been a gradual rise of sensual fin-dommes. These doms do not use commands. Instead, they would manipulate and coerce their hesitant paypigs to spend money. This is one of the most prominent variations of the money dom kink.  

How Money Turns On People?

How Money Turns On People

Understanding how money can sexually stimulate an individual is an important aspect of studying the kink. But are we talking about actual dollar bills? Well, not really. Sure, you can be turned on by the look, feel, and smell of money. However, money kink is so much more than that.  

As per research, the money in the money kink is not about literal money. In fact, money kink dives deep into the basics and the figurative meaning of money. Money signifies power and position. An adult employed person spends a considerable amount of his time earning money. Therefore, to give it all up for a dom is equivalent to giving up all his or her power. 

Hence, money kink can be safely classified under the power play fetishism. However, there is a prominent financial aspect to it. It is the thought of giving up power in the form of money that turns people on. Money is merely a mediator and serves as a tangible reminder of power and influence.  

Is It Normal? 

One of the biggest and most prominent questions about fetishes is the question of normalcy. But before I answer that question, let me counter you with some more questions. What is normalcy? What are its markers? Is it tangible? Just as there is no fixed answer to these questions. Similarly, there is no one answer to the question of a fetish’s normalcy.  

In my opinion, having a kink does not make you abnormal. Instead, it adds more value to your sexual practices. However, practicing a kink sustainably is seminal. It decides whether it is disruptive or not.  

There are no wrong or abnormal kinks in existence. Howevevr, practicing kinks without self-control can prove detrimental. Money kink is an expensive kink to have. Therefore, you need to be careful and not let your finances down the drain. In other words, you cannot have a kink that leaves you broke.  

Therefore, it is normal to have a money kink. Howevevr, it is not advisable to use up all your money to please a dom. So, you need to strike a balance.  

Money Kink Manifestation

Money Kink Manifestation

Money Kink is one of the most nuanced forms of power play kink. There are a lot of deciding factors when it comes to the proper functioning of the kink. However, having a proper understanding of how a kink works is seminal.

Here are some of the most common manifestations of the Money kink: 

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  • The thought of gifting, owning, or buying expensive things arouses you. These gifts can range from expensive jewelry to sportscars.  
  • Want your partner to spend exorbitant amounts of money on you, or vice versa arouses you. This can include thousands of dollars for one night. 
  • The thought of manipulating your partner into buying expensive things, or vice versa, arouses you. This falls under the category of sensual fin-domme.  

Findom As A Way Of Life

Even though Money kink is one of the newer kinks, it is still one of the most capitalized kinks of all time. In other words, the world of fin-domme is one of the most profitable for people who want to do it professionally. In fact, it is one of the most common and lucrative sources of domination work in the sub-dom industry.  

As per the sources, there is no baseline. In other words, you will not get a fixed salary as a fin-domme. Your earnings largely depend upon your clients and the kind of gig you manage to secure. However, internet forums claim that the general salary of a fin-domme ranges between $15,000 to $10,000 per session.  

Subsequently, you can also have specialized clients who want to be sub outside sessions. These clients would automatically pay a higher salary than other clients. Therefore, life as a financial dom can be a lucrative way of making money.  

Money kink is a hazy concept. In other words, people often confuse it with other kink variations. As a result, it is very important for an individual to have proper knowledge about some of the related topics in order to effectively identify how money kinks differ from these related concepts. 

Findom vs Financial Abuse

Individuals often confuse money kink with financial abuse. This is one of the biggest misconceptions anybody could have. In a financially abusive relationship, one person controls another person’s finances without their consent.  

Meanwhile, in a money-kink relationship, consent is the king. No decision is made without the consent of the involved individuals. Therefore, money kink is not a form of abuse. It is simply a power play practice.  

Findom vs. Sugar Daddy/Mommy Culture

The Sugardaddy/Sugarmommy concept also shares some stark similarities with the concept at hand. However, in the aforementioned relationship, the financial exchanges happen on the pretext of sex or any other form of relationship.  

Meanwhile, a money kink sub does not do things on the pretext of sex. A money kink dom chooses whether she or he would like to engage in sexual activity. In most cases, pay pigs give out money and expensive gifts without the expectation of sex.  

The Final Thought

With that, you have reached the end of my article about money kink. It is a popular form of kink where financial aids and transactions work as a means of transferring power. Keep following this platform for more such content.

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