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Spice It Up With Some Of The Role Play Ideas 

Spice It Up With Some Of The Role Play Ideas 

role play ideas
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Role play ideas are a fun way to explore your sexual fantasies. Trust me when I say it is one of the most healthy ways to keep your sex life alive. When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you might not feel the same excitement you felt in the beginning. 

But indulging in role-play ideas could be the thing you just needed to bring the spark back to your sex life. You might be a person who enjoys being in control of the bedroom, but for once, you get to feel how the other person feels or how it feels to relinquish control. 

It is not a surprise that people are getting more comfortable with exploring their fantasies and sexual scenarios with the help of imagination and acting. But remember, before you try something new, run it by your partner as well to make sure that they are comfortable with that. 

What is Role-Play?

What is Role-Play

Sexual role-play is like an erotic game where you and your partner pretend to be someone else or adopt certain personas and enact a particular sex scenario. This has the power to bring back that sexual tension that you thought was lost. 

However, this is the thing you can use to explore those kinks or taboo sexual fantasies, and you can communicate those to your partner without the fear of judgment. You can take inspiration from anywhere, like movies, from people you meet every day, and from porn as well. 

Few Role Play Ideas That You Can Try With Your Partner

Few Role Play Ideas That You Can Try With Your Partner

Well, some role-play ideas involve a risk factor, but make sure you do not start something that you will not be able to call off immediately when things start getting uncomfortable. If you want to get to play the role of a firefighter, do not set your house on fire for real. 

Try to find other ways to stimulate smoke and rescue the damsel in distress.  

1. Guardian Angel

One person has come across various near-death experiences. Even though they should be dead by now, there is a certain force that is protecting them. That is when they meet the other person, who is their guardian angel. 

2. Vampire Prince 

One person becomes the vampire prince and is on the throne, ruling the kingdom, but with reluctance. And every year, the kingdom brings a sacrifice for the vampire royalty from a close village. They kidnap the other person to sacrifice them. 

From this point on, it depends on how you want to proceed. The vampire prince can turn the other person into a vampire, keep them as their pet, or have mercy and send them back home. Just have fun and get on with it. 

3. Mental Hospital Patient/ Doctor 

One person is a patient in a mental hospital (you can choose any reason that suits you). However, nobody has been able to make any progress with this patient until the other person enters. 

This is a good one if you want to get deep into the characters and explore their relationship with others. 

4. Western Universe 

One person is riding on the outskirts of their ranch, and they find a person on the ground. The person has been shot, and if nothing is done, might bleed to death. 

You can take the role here. You get to decide if you want to help them, even though it involves certain risks. 

5. Werewolf Universe 

This is something where you get to decide how you want to take the story. This is a bit old, but a good one. It is a lot like the vampire story; you can decide what you want to do. 

You both can be werewolves; one can be a werewolf, and the other can be human. Or you both can be a part of two different packs who do not get along with one another. There are a lot of possibilities with this one. 

6. Zombie Apocalypse 

During a zombie apocalypse, one person loses everything: their friends, family, allies, and supplies. The person is lost and alone and has no defense. That is when they run into another group where the other person is also a part.  

Now, the story goes on about how they would react, whether they would accept the person or be hostile. 

7. Reverse! Verse 

Choose a lead character from any of your favorite shows or movies, and reverse their roles. Turn them exactly into the opposite of their character and see where it takes you. 

8. Ghost and Haunted 

One person has recently moved into a new mansion, apartment, or small house in a cozy town. The first few days went fine. But after a while, things start going crazy, and they meet another person.  

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The other person used to live in that house back in time. However, that person got killed somehow and has been living in the house as a ghost ever since. 

9. Memory loss 

Both the person in the role play have known one another for a long period of time. However, one person meets with an accident and is injured badly.  

The head trauma causes them to forget the other person, along with everything they used to know. It depends on the other person how he or she is going to make them remember everything and figure things out together. 

10. Body Swap 

There is not much to explain about this one. Both the people involved switch bodies for a particular amount of time. There is obviously a lot of chaos as they pretend to be one another and figure things out. 

11. Purge 

Two people are going through the Purge. And somehow, they end up fighting against the same people who want to kill them. 

This is like an open story, so just have fun and choose a character that you find interesting. 

12. Mind Reading for a day 

One person suddenly wakes up and has the power to read minds. Now, the story goes on about what happens when they read about the kind of their best friend, meaning the other person involved in this role-play idea. 

You can combine another one of the role play ideas with this one. Maybe the other person is not human or has some secrets that they do not want the other person to find out. 

13. Treasure Hunter Universe 

One person is a reputed treasure hunter, and the other person is a treasure thief. They put a lot of time into finding some of the best treasures in the world, and the treasure thief comes at the right moment and steals it at the last moment. 

Which one are you choosing? 

After being in a long-term relationship, to avoid boredom and bring back that spark where you both could not keep your hands off one another, you should definitely try some of these. But make sure you both are comfortable with it and try it. I am sure you will not regret it. 

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