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7 Obvious Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

7 obvious signs he likes you
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So you are here once again, trying to figure out whether he likes you or if he is just looking at you like a friend. It’s past midnight, isn’t it – and you can feel those butterflies dancing around with some self-doubt. Charming – that’s what we live to hear.

Because come on ladies, we have all been there. We have all crushed over someone long enough to doubt whether the magic is real or is it just inside our heads – am I in a delusionship? Or does he actually like me? 

You know what they say – the eyes never lie. Jokes apart, if someone likes you and you like them back, it just gets obvious with time. And there are so many ways to find out for real. So, here we are with the 7 obvious signs he likes you, but is playing it cool! Stay tuned to find out more. (And before you ask why 7, let’s just say, it’s our lucky number)

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool:

So without wasting time, keep reading to check out the top 7 obvious signs he likes you, but is playing it cool.

Does he like you? Or does he not? Let’s find out!

1. Lots Of Eye Contact:

There’s no denying this one: you just know! There’s so much eye contact the moment someone is on your radar. By radar, we mean that time when you start feeling the butterflies, and wondering whether your crush is feeling them too ( which is about right now) – stealing quick glances at your crush hoping they did not notice. But secretly also hoping they are doing the same.

Lots Of Eye Contact

And you are never too sure, until suddenly the stolen glances no longer stay stolen. There is eye contact – maybe for a few seconds – but it is there, and there is a magnetic pull. That is your gut telling you that the ball is in your court and you may ask him out if you want to take the first step.

In the initial stages of having a crush, it is literally the eye contact that gives you the first hint – maybe someone has a small crush over you. And then you start noticing them too. Of course, if a creep keeps looking at you and you are uncomfortable, that is different. 

But when you know that you kind of find someone hot and they have been staring at you on-and-off then you know you have to just look at them back – come on ladies, you are not going to keep that hottie waiting…are you?

2. They Get A Little Jealous:

Borderline jealousy is fine – you know jealousy that does not cross into Red flag territory. Don’t expect him to actually tell you that he is jealous – he can get passive aggressive about it, or he might express it in some other way.

They Get A Little Jealous

This is perhaps one of the top signs a guy is attracted to you but hiding it. Expressing that he is actually jealous that you hung out with someone else for a long time, or stepped out for a coffee with someone, will give away his true feelings for you. 

As we were saying, borderline jealousy is normal especially in the initial days of crushing over someone. This happens mostly because you don’t know anything about this person – and most of your beliefs about this person are technically based on your observations, what you have heard from other people, and information that  you have gathered from stalking the person’s social media. 

This is why in the initial stages of a relationship, men tend to assume things about their crush – but with time, as he will get to know you better, small insecurities and jealousies will automatically take a backseat in your relationship. 

However, if the insecurities do not start disappearing over time and become a recurring issue in the relationship then it means the person himself is insecure – and you can do nothing but leave him to handle the situation.

3. He Plays Hot And Cold:

This is perhaps one of the most important signs he likes you but is hiding it. On some days, he will give you all his time, and on other days, he will simply ignore you. This typically happens, when a man does not know how to behave with you or when he gets nervous around you. 

He Plays Hot And Cold

For instance, you guys are at a party with many people. Is he by your side the night at least somewhere near you? Chances are he likes you and wants to spend as much time as possible with you. It is also possible that the very next day he might ignore you – chances are his behavior with you the previous night has confused him, and his feelings are all over the place.

Plus, plus The Hot and Cold trope in romances is timeless and classic. Girl meets boy. Boy turns out to be rude to the girl, and Girl decides never to speak to him again. Boy develops feelings for Girl, and can’t help but be nice and rude at the same time (come on, he is cute and confused). 

And just like that, there is Boy 2 in the picture vying for Girl’s attention – this makes Boy 1 really jealous, and acts as a catalyst motivating the boy to finally come clean about his feelings to the Girl.

Doesn’t the last few words sound like the micro version of every rom com ever? If the movies have approved and used the hot-and-cold trope so well then who are we mortals to challenge that? 

4. Body Language Never Lies:

So, how to know if a guy likes you but is hiding it? Yes, that is the question of the hour. Ladies, your answer is hiding in your crushes’ body language. So what if he is not talking to you, but interacting with everyone else? It seems like he is ignoring you – babe you just need to decode his body language, and find out whether he likes you for real or is he a major waste of your time.

Body Language Never Lies

If a guy likes you, his chest and feet will involuntarily point towards you when you are engaging with each other in a group. And he will keep doing so consistently – the thing is, when a man likes you, even if he hides it well, his body always betrays him. 

Plus, it is very normal for people to hide their true emotions and act shy when they are around someone they like.

5. He Seeks Information About You Indirectly:

A man who likes you will look for different opportunities to talk to you and will seek information about you indirectly. He will find an excuse to talk to you – for example, let’s say someone likes you at work. 

He Seeks Information

So in order to spend more time with you, to find out more about you, this person will  pick the same project you are a part of. And don’t even think, he is going to approach you and talk to you about it. No he is going to try and find out details about your life from other people or from close observation.

One of the biggest signs he likes you at work is that he will try to work on the same projects you are doing, or he might offer a lift when you guys are working late, or you might even find him around you at lunch everyday. 

And it’s not just work – the same behavioral patterns can also be seen in other settings. The point is if someone likes you and they are trying to hide it, they will end up leaving clues all over the place about their true feelings for you – and trying to find out more about you indirectly is definitely a BIG sign that he is into you.

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6. His Responses Over Texts Are Always Quicks & More Than One Word:

One of the biggest signs he likes you more than you think can also be understood from his responses over text. Assuming that you guys text each other even if for a specific purpose when it is needed, it can be determined from those texts whether someone likes you more than you think. 

His Responses Over Texts

If they always text you back quickly then it definitely means they are interested in talking to you. When men fall in love, they are not very calculative about their decisions regarding when to reply or how long to wait before you should actually reply back to a text. They will just text you back – the thought of keeping you waiting for their reply is more like a priority than playing the texting game (awwwh!)

Whenever they text you back, or even initiate the conversations, are the messages always simple and short? Or are his texts always filled with information, just enough to keep the conversation going? If the messages are short in the majority of situations, chances are he is just not that into you. But on the other hand if his messages are long and filled with details then he wants to talk to you, wants to keep the conversation going – and he wants to keep talking to you, because he likes you. 

7. You Just Know He Is Into You:

Truth be told, you will just know when someone is into you – no matter how hard they try to hide it, or play it cool. There is this indescribable feeling inside your gut that will constantly try to tell you that someone has a crush over you. 

His Responses Over Texts

For instance, your boss develops a crush over you – his position would make it inappropriate for him to approach you. Naturally, hiding his feelings and getting over the crush is his only option. 

But that does not mean, you will not know about this – in your interactions with your boss, there will be plenty of signs that will actually betray his true feelings for you. But you can ignore all those signs and just listen to what your gut has to say about that man – if you are nearing your thirties, chances are you can understand what we are trying to say. If you have just celebrated your 21st birthday then it will take you at least 5 more years to understand the importance of listening to your gut.

And It’s A Wrap!

Those were the top 7 obvious signs he likes you but is playing it cool. The thing is when a man likes you they are usually very obvious about it – so much so, that in most cases, you find out really. The question that you should actually ask here is why is he playing it cool, why is he hiding his feelings for you – what is the problem?

Sometimes, it is the situation that dictates things – for example, if you guys work at the same place then obviously hiding his feelings for you is the best thing that he can do. If things don’t work out then it will be so awkward to see your former partner everyday at work – and that is just the bare minimum. That could also be the possibility that your former partner decides to take revenge and makes your life difficult at work.

Yes you will say that it sounds immature – but what do we keep saying guys? We have been there, trust us on this one!

It is also possible that you are already in a committed relationship and naturally that puts the other guy who likes you in a pretty awkward position. They like you but they cannot do anything about it because you are not interested. But they want to stay in touch with you – so their best bait is to maintain a friendship with you. Just be careful that they don’t become your shoulder to cry on when things go wrong in your relationship – it might lead to vulturing and emotional manipulation on their part.

So, if you know he likes you and you like him too then just go for it. We will be here, waiting to hear how it went – the comments’ box is waiting, and so are we!

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