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Bumble Says Wanderlove Is The Latest Dating Trend On The Block!

Bumble Says Wanderlove Is The Latest Dating Trend On The Block!

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Summer is gone. The best time in the year to have that perfect unbeatable summer romance – think the summer I turned pretty *sigh*

Since most of us vacation during summer, Bumble is seeing a new trend on the dating block – something to do with people wanting to flirt while they are on vacation – yep, guys, we are calling it wanderlove!

Since we all love our summer flings, the idea of a summer romance is not new to us. According to Bumble, the trend had somewhat disappeared, and now it is making a comeback – and we are loving it!

Sounds interesting…right? So, let’s just dive into a world of summer romances, beach flings, and more.

What Is Bumble Saying About Wanderlove?

In June 2023, Bumble conducted research with its users across the world. 56000 Bumble users participated in this unique research. It was found that most users – a solid 53% – are looking forward to a summer romance or even a fling this summer.

Interestingly, the same percentage also said that they feel more attractive whenever they are on vacation. At the same time, 21% of users revealed that they are more attracted to people from different places.

What Is Bumble Saying About Wanderlove

Wait, guys! We are not done – Bumble’s research got even more interesting.

Around 30% – about a third of Bumble users – depend on dating apps to meet someone new when they are traveling alone. Plus, 52% – more than half of Bumble users believe that dating abroad is a great way to meet new people and learn so much about a new culture.

The Top 5 destinations Bumble users are actually traveling to this summer (as told by Bumble in June) are as follows:

1. Lisbon (Portugal),

2. Paris (France),

3. Greek Islands (Santorini, Rhodes, Hydra),

4. Amalfi Coast (Italy), and

5. Balearic Islands (Spain):

Language Barrier And Wanderlove:

However, there is one risk in meeting new people abroad – the language barrier. What if you guys do not speak the same language? 

As per an interesting survey by UK Daters featuring more than 1000 people ( as mentioned by Mashable), 35% of millionaires and Gen Z revealed feeling embarrassed on failing to understand someone was flirting with them simply because they did not speak the same language. 

21% interestingly admitted that they have tried and sadly failed to flirt with someone they liked in the local language while they were on vacation.

Traveling abroad is actually a very exciting thing to do – it is the perfect opportunity to open your mind to brand-new experiences. Now, language plays a big part in this venture. It is a fun way, after all, to immerse yourself in the local culture. 

When you are dating or even meeting people in another country, try to learn a few words or short phrases – it can help you to break the language barrier while showing willingness or interest to learn something new, which is a pretty attractive quality, TBH.

So, instead of worrying about getting articulation and phrasing right, just enjoy the process, the journey of learning something new, doing something fun, and maybe, in the process, falling in love

Even though it does not really hurt you to learn a few phrases of a new language, don’t unnecessarily worry about trying to understand or even speak another language. Just take this opportunity to have an immersive experience in a new place – maybe with this summer’s wanderlove.

Meet The Emerging Dating Nomad:

Apart from pushing people into working from home, the 2020 Pandemic witnessed more people resorting to dating apps and websites – taken together, undoubtedly, these factors began affecting how people approach dating.

The flexibility to work from home means more and more people are now exploring the idea of becoming digital nomads. For many, dating abroad is the best way to explore any place – especially restaurants and bars.

As per Tinder, people have embraced wanderlove together, relocated, and some have even started their own families together.

Wanderlove & Long Distance Relationships:

While Wanderlove is good for a few dates, what if it becomes really serious? In that case, dating across different borders and time zones can become a real challenge for most long-distance couples. Just throw a global pandemic in the mix, followed by border closures, and almost any relationship will start facing the strain.

Wanderlove & Long Distance Relationships

But don’t give up hope…not yet. Couples who have gone through all these problems and somehow managed to keep their relationship alive have always talked about the resilience of long-distance love. As per many long-distance couples, there are drawbacks to long-distance relationships, like the realities of travel expenses and not being able to travel because of work. But the pros always outweigh the cons.

The truth is, according to most couples who have been in successful long-distance relationships, the distance is not a hindrance until you keep the love alive.

The Benefits Of Wanderlove:

Wanderlove sits at a very interesting location – the intersection of holiday romances and long-distance relationships. With Wanderlove, you cannot just enjoy the benefits of a stable relationship but also get to experience exciting adventures due to the Nomadic nature of the relationship.

The Benefits Of Wanderlove

From traveling to new locations together, weekend getaways simply spent looking at your partner, or exploring your area through the fresh eyes of your partner, the relationship is automatically heightened by making beautiful memories together that act like a break from your everyday monotony.

The link between traveling and quality time might be why there are entire industries committed to working on marriages with fancy retreats. This is also precisely why the positive impact of traveling on romantic relationships has been studied thoroughly by reputed research teams such as the U.S. Travel Association.

One of the surveys by the association points out that couples who actually travel together revealed higher levels of satisfaction in different areas of their relationships, like intimacy and communication. Plus, a solid 63% mentioned that travel is a very important part of a romantic relationship. From nurturing a new relationship in its early stages to taking care of it once it is established, travel makes it better.

Additionally, couples who actually made travel a priority boasted about relatively better communication in their relationships.

Exploring Wanderlove: Tips To Remember!

It might not be that easy to form a bond with someone while you are traveling, especially when there are hurdles like language barriers or unique things about their cultures that might be difficult for you to understand. We understand there are obstacles to wanderlove that you have to jump through.

Exploring Wanderlove_ Tips To Remember!

So Here are some tips to help you out!

1. Aim To Understand The Basics:

Traveling abroad is a great experience – it allows you to broaden your horizons and welcome new experiences into your life. As we just mentioned a little while ago, try to learn basic words or short phrases when you are meeting someone from another country. 

Plus, the interest as well as the willingness that you express while learning these new words is considered to be a very attractive quality. So what if you are going the extra mile? It is not necessarily a very bad thing to do – it just shows that you are interested.

2. Don’t Forget About Body Language:

While communicating with your voice is a standard thing to do, you cannot forget about your body language, especially when you are traveling abroad. Ensure you are using clear facial expressions and hand gestures – this way, you can avoid any type of miscommunication and build rapport.

3. Always Take It Lightly… At Least Initially:

Sometimes, people do things, and then it becomes a trend, and at other times, people do those things because it is a trend. Wanderlove is no different.

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Sometimes people try it out because it is much-hyped – nothing else worked, so why not wanderlove? Just like you date someone who is definitely not your type so that you can go for someone different. It’s a trend; take it as a trend, and thank god for that memorable summer fling.

If the Pandemic and dating on FaceTime have taught us anything, it is that cultural and language barriers do not stand in the way of two individuals who have a real connection.

Why Is Wanderlove So Popular

The world is an entirely different place now, and that is being reflected in how individuals actually date and what is vital to them in a significant other as well as in life.

These shifts have changed how people think and what they need. And not just – these shifts have also impacted how people look at balancing their life, work, and relationships. 

As 2023 is moving towards the last months of the year, we are motivated by the multiple ways single people are actually challenging the whole status quo and ultimately taking control of what exactly an equal and healthy relationship means for them.

If you have been feeling like you are done with all the singles you know or are in your city for that matter then perhaps you are in need of some wanderlove – something that will challenge you and tickle your brain in different ways that your culture cannot. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Wanderlove is a relatively new trend that made an entry into our lives during Summer this year! And then suddenly everyone wanted to know about wanderlove – so here we are!

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the idea of falling in love when you are traveling, A.K.A. wanderlove.

1. What Is Wanderlove In Dating?

Bumble defines Wanderlove as the concept of “seeking a relationship with someone from a different culture while abroad.” The trend also motivates singles to explore their sexual side ( of course with safety and consent).

2. What Is It Like Dating In 2023?

Dating in 2023 is all about setting healthy boundaries, transparency, and communication, to protect your values and becoming responsible for your end of the relationship. 2023 is about being open about who you are instead of pretending to be someone, just so that you can appease your potential partner on the first few dates.

3. What Is A DTR Girlfriend?

DTR basically stands for ‘Define The Relationship.’ DTR typically refers to the act of having a conversation with your potential partner about defining the relationship you guys have. Obviously, it does not need to be entirely black-and-white, whether you are selecting to become exclusive or staying casual.

Wanderlove Is More Accessible Than You Might Think!

The rising popularity of the wanderlove trend is symptomatic of a much bigger revolution: the work-from-home (WFH) takeover. Since the 2020 lockdown, working remotely is an option that has simply become increasingly available to employees all over the world.

22% of people cited freedom to travel as well as relocate as a major benefit they are most interested in taking advantage of, according to a report from GitLab.

Since 2019, digital nomads have increased in numbers consistently, as pointed out by data collected by Statista. This shift in lifestyle and work has definitely impacted how we perceive ‘ an acceptable dating pool,’ specifically just expanding it to singles living abroad.

But obviously, you do not need to be a digital nomad to have your own summer romance or even experience wanderlove, for that matter. You just need to be someone who enjoys travel and is open to making some connections. 

OnePoll conducted a poll for Exodus Travels with 2000 Americans – as per the poll, 23% of people met their partners while they were traveling. Do you know what’s more interesting? 3 in every 10 people said that they had dated someone they actually met on a plane.

This shows that even if you are not seeking wanderlove, it might still come for you.


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