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How to Create the Perfect Dating Profile

How to Create the Perfect Dating Profile

Dating Profile
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Around 50% of 18 to 29-year-olds have experience using dating apps, and this number is growing every year. They’re a fantastic way for people to meet a potential partner of the desired age, background, and personality.

No more wading through a sea of trout to find your salmon at bars or coffee shops.

But to attract the right people, you need to make sure that your dating profile shows off exactly how great you are.

Unsure of how to do that? This guide will help you create the perfect bumble or tinder profile or whatever dating websites and apps you use!

Choose The Right Photos (And Right Amount)

Do you only have three low-quality selfies on your dating profile? They likely don’t resemble how you look in real life, don’t show off your hobbies, or all the cool stuff you like to do.

Choose around five to seven photos of you wearing different outfits and doing different things. If you like to hike or travel, make sure you include photos of you doing those things.

Upload a range of close-up and full-length shots. You can choose photos with you and a few friends, but avoid too many group shots. It makes it too difficult to pick you out.

And it goes without saying, but include no photos with your ex in them. Or ones where you’ve cut them out.

If you are on a dating site for hookups only, you may want to upload saucy lingerie photos. Check out these websites for fun, flirty underwear:

But don’t feel pressured to upload certain photos to get more matches. If people don’t like the real you, then they aren’t for you.

Stay Positive In Your Bio And Avoid Clichés

Many people start their dating profile with statements like “no fake people” and “no time wasters.”

How about you stay positive and focus on what you are looking for in a profile and not what you aren’t?

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Keep it short and sweet. Make pop culture references as long as they aren’t a cliché; too many people are already looking for the Pam to their Jim.

Use All The Features Of Your Dating App

If your dating site offers functionality like icebreaker questions and the option to list your top five interests, use them! You are far more likely to get matches.

Also, listing your job, education, location, and sexuality on your dating profile mean you can skip the small talk when you go on first dates.

Show Off Your Best Bits On Your Dating Profile

Your dating profile should be the answer to the question, “why you should want to go on a date with me.” It’s a highlight reel, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and show off. You are more likely to impress your ideal match if you do.

Want more dating advice and how to find your perfect match? Browse our website for all the relationship tips and tricks you could ever need!

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