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Breaking The Ice With My Girlfriend: What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend?

Breaking The Ice With My Girlfriend: What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend?

Breaking The Ice With My Girlfriend
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I was born an extrovert – striking a conversation with anyone has never been an issue. I have read at least a hundred novels and believed that breaking the ice is nothing more than a myth – do you really need to break the ice? Yes, people can get awkward, nervous, or even shy about striking a conversation.

But since I had never been in that spot, I never gave it a thought – in fact, I believe I was never awkward about talking to someone because the first time I ever fumbled for a response was when this dashing man walked into my life one fine morning, leaving me undone forever. For the first time, I did not know what to do.

For months, I would just go awkward and act really shy around this man – he was a decade older, he was successful, and he was married. But I still liked him. Of course, I am not over him – and boy, do we talk now! But what changed? My communication skills or my feelings?

Coming back to what we ACTUALLY have to write about today – what should I talk about with my girlfriend or boyfriend, for that matter? The question is, what do you talk about with your romantic partners, especially when it’s new? Stay tuned to find out more.

And as for the earlier story involving the married man and me, we will go back to it someday when you have time and I have the courage to talk about it.

The Art Of Conversation: Falling In Love With Your Words!

The Art Of Conversation

The world has two kinds of people – the ones who talk about anything and everything and the ones who don’t talk. The people who love conversing will never worry about what to talk about – they will say just about anything to fill the silence. But the silent ones are always thinking about which topics to mention and which ones to ignore in conversation.

If you are a silent man, there’s probably so much inside your head – and it’s almost overwhelming to prioritize, especially when you are in the middle of a conversation with someone you like. Knowing the right things to say is an art – an art that most of us are struggling with every day.

It’s only normal you will look for pointers – there’s someone new in your life, and you don’t wanna mess it up. You ALWAYS want to say the most interesting thing when that person is around – I understand, and thankfully, I am here to help.

So, what should I talk about with my girlfriend, or anyone you have a crush on, for that matter? – Scroll down to find out more!

Breaking The Ice With My Girlfriend: What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend?  

You might wonder why a 26-year-old woman is telling you about the things to talk about with your girlfriend when a man could have done the same job better in a heteronormative context. But don’t you think I can tell you what a woman REALLY wants to hear?

While a man could have told you about all the moves that might or might work, I can definitely tell you about the moves that will ACTUALLY work. So, ask me, ‘what should I talk about with my girlfriend?’ and have fun interactions with your girlfriend or crush, or even the new girl at work.

1. Flirting Is Healthy:

Flirting Is Healthy

Asking your girlfriend about her day is mandatory – but that won’t really seal the deal. I mean, it’s the bare minimum you can do. There are so many naughty questions to ask your girlfriend instead of a boring, ‘So what did you eat today?’ – babe, you are killing the conversation even before it started!

But do you know what most men forget to do – they forget to flirt with their girlfriends? So you like me, you have been doing everything to get my attention. But the moment I become your girlfriend, why does the flirting stop?

The flirting should never stop – ask me how my day was, and follow it up with a basic pickup line or tease me a little. Flirting is healthy and perhaps one of the most well-kept secrets to a long-lasting, successful relationship.

2. The Comedians Are Champions:

If you do stand-up comedy professionally, then you really don’t need to look for ‘conversation starters with a girl.’ You already know what to do – yep, just make her laugh. And gender literally has nothing to do with this – everyone likes it when their romantic partners make them laugh.

While it’s not a secret, it’s true that most people tend to forget about the importance of laughter in a relationship. Even the most awkward people will tell you that there’s something funny that helps them to connect with their partners. Why do you think people always tend to laugh a little extra when they are around someone they are attracted to?

It’s the hormones – your body, your mind, you, are all attuned to the fact that your crush is in the room. And everything your crush is saying will sound more captivating than what others are saying – so when she says something hardly funny, you will find yourself laughing a little extra.

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3. Spit Those Feelings Out!

Before you ask Google again, ‘what should I talk about with my girlfriend?’ pick up the phone, and tell her EXACTLY how you feel about her. Nope, she can’t read your mind until you SAY SO. Nope, she can’t assume you really like her until you SAY SO! Nope, she can’t figure out what’s going on inside your head until you SAY SO.

Forget about the angry young man who can’t express his emotions. The world has moved on, and so have we – my fellow ladies will tell you how we have started appreciating men who express, men who communicate, men who converse.

Men with an emotional range of a teaspoon are canceled – I’m not lying. It’s true – I would rather date a man who will tell me about his feelings instead of a man who will beat around the bush without telling me about his feelings for me.

And It’s A Date!

And It’s A Date!

And that’s a wrap on starting a conversation with your crush. Do you really need to ask Google, ‘what should I talk about with my girlfriend?’ – I mean, if you do follow what I have tried to explain, things will fall into place naturally. I mean, its basic psychology – the faster you understand that, the better.

Men might hail from Mars, and women might come from Venus – but both are a sucker for great conversations. Think about it – who are people usually attracted to? The prettiest girl in the room or the most confident one? Confidence is sexy, and when it’s coupled with killer conversation skills, it’s smooth sailing from there!

So, tell us what your thoughts are on starting a conversation with your significant other or even your date. Feel free to share your thoughts, stories, and experiences related to the same in the comments below.

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