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Why Choose Zoosk? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Other Details

Why Choose Zoosk? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Other Details

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According to Sociologist Dr. Marie Bergstrom, “Online dating is changing the way we think about love. One idea that has been really strong in the past – certainly in Hollywood movies – is that love is something you can bump into, unexpectedly, during a random encounter.”

There is another narrative that is, “love is blind, that a princess can fall in love with a peasant and love can cross social boundaries. But that is seriously challenged when you’re online dating because it’s so obvious to everyone that you have search criteria. You’re not bumping into love – you’re searching for it.”

Since the world has gone into a virtual mode, then why should our dating life stay behind? From finding the right person to falling in love with and even breaking it off, all is possible in a visual platform called dating apps.

Today we are going to talk about a highly popular dating app Zoosk. We are going to take a deeper dive into the app and then present you with a detailed review of the app. So if you wanna know more about the app, then keep on scrolling down below.

Zoosk: Do You Really Find Love Here?

Zoosk: Do You Really Find Love Here

The first thing that you need to know about Zoosk is that it is absolutely legit. It is not a scam, and you can definitely find true love using the app. The app is very similar to eHarmony, in its workings and application.

Now you might be asking, what is Zoosk? Then “Zoosk is a great fit for casual dating, finding a serious relationship, and there are some people on there just looking to hook up. It seems to be a healthy mix of all three.”

  • “Founded in the year 2007 in Fremont, California.”
  • “Over 3 million + messages sent on average every day.”
  • “A good mix of people looking for all kinds of relationships.”
  • “Part of Sparx Network group of dating sites.”
  • “Over 10 billion profile views since 2018.”
  • “Over 2 billion messages sent since 2018.”
  • “580,000 daily average users in 2021.”

Features Of Zoosk  

Now that I have explained to you what is Zoosk, now it is time for you to understand a few features of the dating app. These features are the reason why Zoosk is such a popular dating app, so let’s scroll down to know the features a little better.

Zoosk Live

Zoosk Live

Unlike most dating apps, Zoosk has a live feature that enables you to share live events on the app. This is quite similar to Facebook Live or TikTok.

Zoosk Great Dates

Zoosk Live 

The virtual live dating of Zoosk called Zoosk Great Dating is an amazing feature through which you can go on virtual dates. Through Zoosk Great Dates, you are able to go on virtual dates with the person you are talking with.

With this feature Great Dates, you can change the place of your virtual date, few options are Greece, Japan and Italy.

Carousel Feature

Carousel Feature

If you are a fan of the Tinder swipe feature of matching, then you are gonna love the Zoosk Carausel feature. In this feature you can give someone a green checkmark, red checkmark or even a gold star.

SmartPick Technology

SmartPick Technology

The SmartPick Technology is something that is the beatign heart of the company. The feature tracks all your past dating history and matches you people based on your preference. This is what makes Zoosk stand out from the rest.

Four Forms Of Verification

Four Forms Of Verification

Zoosk takes a lot of precaution while dealing with fake or spam accounts on the platform. There are many ways you can secure your Zoosk account, like through Twitter, Facebook and ofcourse your phone number.

Zoosk Coin Boosts

Zoosk Coin Boosts 

The Zoosk coins are more than gifts, they are a way to boost your profile on the platform. This way you can spend some more and be on the top of the search list. This will increase your chances of getting more and more messages.

The money you need to spend to get the coins are,

  • $19.95 = 180 coins
  • $39.95 = 480 coins
  • $99.95 = 1800 coins


Zoosk Gifts

The Zoosk gifts are not real gifts, they are more like emojis and digital pictures, that shows up on your profile. There is nothing you can do tangible with these gifts that you buy. These Zoosk gifts are a way of boosting your profile and nothing else.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zoosk

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of most online apps and things like that. And it is always best to review the pros and cons of Zoosk before you invest in it.


Advantages zoosk

Here are a few advantages of the Zoosk dating site that you need to know.

  • “Over 35+ million singles with accounts.”
  • “3+ million messages sent daily.”
  • “Membership growing by 17% annually.” (Zoosk investor report)
  • “Swipe-like feature to meet singles in your area.”
  • “Very affordable membership plan option.”
  • “#1 grossing dating app in the Apple App Store.”
  • “Available in over 80 countries in 25 different languages.”


Here are a few disadvantages of Zoosk dating that you also need to know.

  • “Some people may feel overwhelmed with so many options to choose from.‘
  • “No requirement to fill out most profile information which leads to some incomplete profiles in the search.”

Price Of Zoosk

Zoosk Price

Whenever you are deciding on signing up for any online dating app like Zoosk, then it is always very important that you know the membership prices.  

MembershipTermPrice Per MonthTotal Price
Premium1 month$29.95$29.95
Premium3 months$19.98$59.95
Premium6 months$12.50$74.99
Premium12 months$12.50$149.95

Zoosk Alternatives

Before you commit to one dating app like Zoosk, Grindr, or even Tinder, there are lot more dating apps that you should also check out.


  1. “It is available online, on Google Play or Apple App Store.”
  2. “LGBT inclusive.”
  3. “Free membership (with limited functionality)”
  4. “5 million users in the UK.”

Elite Singles

Elite Singles
  1. “381000+ new matches months members.”
  2. “Intelligent matchmaking for quality connections.”
  3. “Time well spent with tailored matches in 25 minutes.”
  4. “Thousands of singles find love with Elite Singles every month.‘


  1. Happn’s basic membership is free.”
  2. “One premium upgraded plan.”
  3. “One, six and 12 month premium memberships are available.”
  4. “Premium members have access to additional purchases, like FlashNotes packs.”

Wrapping Up!  

There you go, I gave you a highly detailed review of the dating app Zoosk. The app is one of the popular dating apps. Now it is up to you to decide whether you wanna join the app or not.

So whatever you decide, I can just say that Zoosk is a legit dating app. So if you like this article, then surely give this article a like and comment down below.

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