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Why Choose Happn? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Other Details

Why Choose Happn? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Other Details

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Dating is becoming easier over time with the help of these dating apps in the market. But let’s be real, there are way too many dating apps right now, more than it’s actually needed.

It is difficult to understand which is better than which one, but after a few of these dating apps, then I stumbled upon the Happn dating app.

The app is all about proximity convenience and getting matched with people in your locality then you are in luck. With Happn, you will be matched with people in your own neighboring area and locality.

Now if you wanna know more about the dating app Happn and how to use it, you need to scroll down and read the whole article.

Happn: Why Choose It? Who Is It For?

Happn Why Choose It Who Is It For

It sometimes happens that you are using an online dating app and you are matched with someone who lives far away from you. Then it becomes difficult for the two of you to meet each other and even go out on a date.

This geographical problem was solved by the makers of the Happn dating app. This incredible online dating app matches you with singles in the area or in the neighboring area to make communication easier.

With modern technology, the traditional concept of dating still makes sense, that is, if your date lives far from you, then it is difficult to date them.

What Are The Features Of Happn?

What Are The Features Of Happn

Since there are two sets of features for Happn, one for the subscribers and the other for the non-subscribers, the features are different. So the two sets of features are listed down below.

  • “Browse profiles and other features without getting interrupted by ads.”
  • “Enable “invisible mode” if and when you don’t wish to be bothered by other users. This will hide your profile, so you wouldn’t cross paths with anyone.”
  • “Keep your private information private from your matches until you decide to reveal it. This information may include your age, distance, or last active date.”
  • “Get access to 2x CrushTime games, doubling up your chances of getting a crush.”
  • “See all the users who have liked you without reciprocating their likes.”
  • “Send up to 10 charms (Hi) daily to make your presence felt.”

These are the features that you will get if you are a nonsubscriber of Happn. Although these features might not be much, you are still getting a lot of features.

  • “Like or dislike a user’s profile. “
  • “See how many times you have crossed paths with them. “
  • “See where you crossed paths with a user (by means of GPS). “
  • “Set preferences based on parameters such as gender and age range.”
  • “You can block a user or report their behavior if required. “
  • “Send them a message in case of a crush.”

Happn And Reddit:

So, we checked r/OnlineDating on Reddit to see whether people found success in eHarmony dating.

  1. From the male perspective, I have it because the distance between myself and women who swipe right seems too great to have a real-life relationship across. And it’s been just as unsuccessful as any other app, though it could be that the Midwest suburban landscape just doesn’t support a large enough over 40’s dating pool to make any of my observations valid.” – freenEZsteve
  1. Yes! I found my boyfriend 2.5 years ago on it and did meet a lot of interesting cool people. I do, however, live near the financial district, so most people on it were people who worked in banks etc. I can’t imagine it being great if you’re out in the sticks.” – Ready-Boss-491
  1. I have used it, and while it’s not my favorite, it’s pretty decent. I’ve had a few matches where I really clicked with the person. Bumble and Hinge have the best for me overall. The most quality people and some of the best dates I’ve been on.” – AcanthaceaeAble8498
  1. I created a profile and gave it a chance. Not enough users in my area to make it work for me. Small user base. Maybe if you live in a very high-density area, with high foot traffic all the time. I think the ideal use would be for pub crawl-type activity on Sat night on a block buzzing with people going up and down the street. It has no more creepy stalker capability than any other swipe app, despite the misandrist agitprop in comments from bitter feminists, beta male enablers, and the usual suspects.” okc-profile
  1. I think one of my friends found her BF through the app. Imho, i feel it’s a bit stalkerish. I dont want strangers to know where i commute/live. If you work remotely or staying at home during pandemic this wont be much use, since it traces GPS to show you matches. That means more you move, the more matches you get.” – Anonymous

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Happn?

It is well known by now that you should only do something after evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of that product thoroughly.

That is the reason why here are the advantages and disadvantages of the online dating app Happn. Only after analyzing both should you make a decision of whether to use the app or not.

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Advantages Of Happn

Advantages Of Happn

Here are the advantages of the dating app Happn that you must know before you use the dating app.

  • The account setup is super fast.
  • Most of the functionality is free.
  • With the concept of reciprocity, you are able to reduce harassment and spamming chances.
  • The user base is quite extensive.
  • Due to the proximity match algorithm, online dating looks quite real.
  • To make your profile appear at the top, you can use the option credits, this will happen if you send Happy Charms.

Disadvantages Of Happn

Disadvantages Of Happn

Here are the disadvantages of using the dating app, Happn, that you must know before you use this dating app.

  • The subscription is expensive if you want an ad-free dating experience.
  • You can get stalked at your location, and they might try to strike up a conversation and even leading to harassment in extreme cases.
  • Even if stalking is not the case, meeting your earlier matches in the same neighborhood might become a bit awkward for you and any of your future matches.
  • The match is purely based on proximity, so comparing each other’s likes and dislikes is not possible.
  • Ghosting is a huge problem when it comes to online dating, and the reviews for Happn show the same as well.
  • In certain scarce areas, there are not many users of the app.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you are aware of the online dating app Happn. You can decide whether you wanna subscribe to it after verifying all the advantages and disadvantages of the app.

If you feel like this article was helpful for you, then give this a like and comment down below as well.

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