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Twin Flame Vs Soulmate: What’s The Difference? Nope, They Aren’t The Same!

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate: What’s The Difference? Nope, They Aren’t The Same!

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate
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Is it just me, or are you also intrigued about calling your partner your ‘twin flame?’ No, it is not just Debra from high school posting on Instagram about her one-year relationship anniversary – but big names like Megan Fox and Alicia Keys have also found their twin flames.

Megan Fox even notoriously spoke about her boyfriend (MGK A.K.A Machine Gun Kelly), “I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame. Instead of a soulmate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended to a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we’re actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately because I felt it right away.

Megan is bang-on-correct – twin flames are two entities that once were a single being and now have separated into two different entities, longing to reunite in this lifetime.

Do you believe that there are certain people who are fated to be you in your life? If you have ever met a stranger and felt a magnetic pull towards them, there could be practical reasoning behind that. The theory of soulmates and twin flames suggests that this particular individual shares an ancient connection with you. They are a part of your soul.

But then that sparks a very basic debate: twin flame vs soulmate. What’s the difference between your soul mate and twin flame? Can they be the same person, or are they different people?

So, what’s the difference between these individuals, and how will you know when you meet each of them? Let’s find out…shall we?

So, What’s A Twin Flame?  

Before we talk about the twin flame vs soulmate debate, let’s answer the most basic question you are probably facing right now – what is a twin flame?

What’s A Twin Flame  

Simply put, twin flames are basically two separate individuals that initially used to be one individual. Just like the name mentions, it is a flame that is separated into two parts – you are one flame, and the other flame is another individual with whom you feel a strong connection and synergy.

It’s more like a powerful emotional pull that keeps drawing you guys together – this person is your other half at the end of the day.

Of course, both the flames need to be woken up in order to experience each other. If not, then there’s always this sense of regret – a sense of ‘could have been,’ ‘should have been,’ or ‘would have been.’

Contrary to what is believed popularly, your twin flame does not have to be someone you are in love with – you don’t have to be in love romantically. Instead, your twin flame could easily be someone with whom you actually share a connection that’s deep, soulful, and definitely karmic.

The whole twin flame vs karmic vs soulmate is irrelevant – and I’ll tell you why! Stay tuned to find out.

But Before That, What’s A Soul Mate?  

As I was saying, hold your horses – I will have the soul mate vs twin flame conversation with all of you. But before that, let’s briefly touch upon soul mates!

But Before That, What’s A Soul Mate  

A soul mate is a much more common term as compared to a twin flame, undoubtedly. But then, who’s your soul mate? Your soul mate is someone you feel comfortable with always. You guys might share the same beliefs, sentiments, and experiences, or you might not.

The other day, my colleague asked me, ‘can you have more than one soulmate? I think I have multiple soul mates.’ Well, it is not highly impossible to have more than one soul mate.

You could have more than one soul mate – it could be anyone who has touched your spirit or soul in some way throughout your life. It is something you will just know based on the intense magnetic pull that you will feel toward each other.

The Stages Of A Twin Flame Relationship:  

But Before That, What’s A Soul Mate

As per our research and the basic twin flame theory, there are six stages of a twin flame relationship. Plus, the twin flame vs soul mate conversation won’t be complete without highlighting the different stages of a twin flame relationship.

Stage 1: Awakening  

This is the first stage, where you will feel an intense connection with an individual – most likely, your twin flame.

Stage 2: Purging And Healing  

Once you meet your twin flame, it will trigger an intense process in which you purge your past traumas and start healing.

Stage 3: Running And Chasing  

Once twin flames realize there is a connection, there will be push-and-pull energy as they attempt to separate, but the connection keeps drawing them together.

Stage 4: Surrender  

At this stage, the twin flames simply stop fighting the intense connection and begin trusting in fate.

Stage 5: Harmonization  

The twin flames finally surrender and start coming together, working together in the process.

Stage 6: Union  

In the final stage, the twin flames start working together as one. This could obviously refer to a romantic relationship, but it does not always have to be romantic. It could also be a spiritual connection or close friendship. This union does not always last together, but it will definitely become a powerful force in your life story.

What Are The Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame?  

If you aren’t sure whether you have already found your twin flame, check out the signs mentioned below!

1. You Will Have An On-Off Relationship With Your Twin Flame:  

Relationships with your twin flames don’t necessarily last for an entire lifetime. Once the vital lesions have been communicated and shared, you might or might not want to stay together. You do become whole because of the healing and growth that you get from the twin flame relationship.

2. Your Relationship With Your Twin Flame Will Be Super Intense:  

While soulmates aim to complete each other, twin flames push each other toward growth. And with any kind of growth, you can expect a certain amount of tension. The conflict ultimately helps to heal.

3. The TRUE Purpose Of A Twin Flame Is To Teach You Something:  

In terms of spirituality, twin flames are basically two halves of a single soul that have come together to teach others something profound. Your twin flame will help you to become the person you were all along meant to be, and you will do the same for them.

4. You Will Be Hyper Aware Of Your Twin Flame’s Flaws:  

Once the initial honeymoon phase ends, you and your twin flame will start discovering unlikable traits about each other. These are likely to trigger anxious feelings, which might just rock the whole relationship.

5. You Feel Like You Have Known This Person Your Entire Life:  

Your twin flame will be familiar to you in a way that you cannot really explain – you will be comfortable with your twin flame instantly. Once you start to know each other, you will come across multiple details about your upbringing that you have in common. Meeting your twin flame can feel familiar and intense.

6. You And Your Twin Flame Will Act As Mirrors To Each Other:  

You and your twin flame will act as mirrors to each other in a way that will be healing for both individuals. It will feel like you and your twin flame are healing each other’s wounds deeply, not just from your childhood but also from your past lives. This mirror-like aspect is also responsible for some of the drama you will go through with your twin flame.

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate: Differences  

So, it’s time to have the all-elusive twin flame vs soulmate conversation. The primary difference between a soul mate and a twin flame is that while you can have multiple soul mates, you can have only one twin flame.

You Will Have An On-Off Relationship With Your Twin Flame

This necessarily does not mean that twin flames are slated to be better. TBH, twin flame connections do take plenty of work. You don’t just wake up one morning and randomly decide that an individual is your long-lost twin flame.

Your connection with your twin flame needs to be awakened, and both of you have to understand the true depth of your relationship with your twin flame. A soulmate is on the opposite end of this karmic soulmate vs twin flame spectrum – a soul mate does not have to do much work or even learn much to take on this role.

How Can You Tell If Your Partner Is Your Twin Flame Or Your Soulmate?  

Now that you know how many twin flames you can have (sorry, just one), aren’t you automatically wondering whether your partner is your twin flame or your soulmate?

Just take a step back, and look at your life – now compare that to your partner’s life. Twin flames usually undergo very similar experiences at the same time. And there’s just one twin flame mirroring your actions. On the contrary, soulmates are likely to experience an intense bond but, at the same time, have very different life stories and attributes.

If I do a twin flame vs soulmate comparison, it boils down to the effort you spent on your relationship with your soulmate as well as your twin flame – finding your twin flame and making the relationship is hard work.

In this context, astrologer Renee Watt told Cosmopolitan, “Both can teach us a lot about ourselves, though the stakes may seem higher when it comes to a twin flame. These relationships can make it difficult to hold onto reason as our hearts and souls are taken on a wild ride. While I don’t know if one connection is better than the other, soulmate connections are usually easier to navigate. No matter which type of relationship you find yourself wrapped up in, remember to stay cool, honor your own wants and needs, and try not to let your possessive or obsessive side take over.

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Can Your Twin Flame Be Your Soulmate?  

The strangest thing is if my friend didn’t ask, ‘can you have multiple soulmates?’ I would have never thought about the whole twin flame vs soulmate debate, which further pushed me to look into whether or not my twin flame can also be my soulmate.

Can Your Twin Flame Be Your Soulmate  

Sadly, nope! Your twin flame cannot be your soul mate.

Firstly, your soul mate is an individual you are aligned with spiritually on a personal level, while your twin flame does not have to be to anyone that you know. There are multiple stages involved in becoming someone’s twin flame, but when anyone turns out to be your soul mate, it will just feel like you have known each other forever.

It is not as intricate or complex as experiencing the twin flame energy and naturally does not need much effort to actually recognize the connection.

Simply put, while your soul mate is someone you are comfortable with, your twin flame is a part of your soul. A soul mate can support you like a confidant, lover, or friend, but a twin flame will teach you something deep about yourself. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but you can have only one twin flame – but multiple soul mates.

Do You End Up With Your Twin Flame Or Soul Mate?  

It really all depends. The thing about twin flames is that the basic timing needs to be accurate. If you or the other person isn’t ready to open the connection yet, then chances are you will be separated in this life, or so the legend says.

Both parties need to be awakened for the twin flames to be together, making it rare that they indeed end up together. Soul mates, on the other hand, come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Your soul mate could be a close friend, a family member, your partner, or all of them.

Twin Flame Vs Soulmate: Similarities:

A Deep Connection

It is only natural to point out the differences between your twin flame and soul mate. But the twin flame vs soulmate conversation is not over without checking out all the major similarities between a twin flame and a soulmate. So without wasting time, here we go!

A Deep Connection: 

Whether you come across your twin flame or soulmate, the theory surrounding the concept talks about similar feelings in both cases. The bond here will be meaningful and deep from the very beginning. Whether you have known this individual for five years or five minutes, the magnetic pull that you will feel towards them will be pretty difficult to resist.

A Romantic Relationship:

A Romantic Relationship  

The moment you hear the word ‘soulmate,’ your mind will immediately wander to heart-shaped chocolate boxes and red roses. However, while all twin flame relationships are ALWAYS romantic, the bond with your soulmate(s) does not have to be so. It is possible that your closest friends are your soulmates and not necessarily your significant other.

A Learning Approach:

A Learning Approach   

As per the theory, it is believed that twin flames allow individuals to resolve any insecurities or issues that they might be dealing with. In essence, this particular individual appears in your life to ignite or start the process of self-discovery. It might not be this potent for soulmates, but they also play a very similar role in our lives in terms of teaching us painful lessons.

And It’s A Wrap!  

The twin flame vs soulmate debate has been going on for some time – the point is what you believe in! I believe that I have a twin flame and multiple soul mates. While I do feel like I have found not one but multiple soul mates in my year-old life, I am not sure I have found my twin flame.

I mean, I do have someone in mind, but I am not sure whether the awakening has happened yet. Enough about me – what are your thoughts on finding your twin flame and soul mates? Or have you already found them? Tell us about your experiences and stories in the comments below.

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