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Um, Why Am I Attracted to Older Men? Let’s Ask Experts!

Um, Why Am I Attracted to Older Men? Let’s Ask Experts!

Why Am I Attracted to Older Men
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Have you ever asked yourself, ‘why am I attracted to older men?’ Is it because older men seem more stable, more mature, and more experienced in different areas of life?

What is it about older men that pulls you in every time, making them appear so appealing? Is there any logical explanation behind this attraction?

If these are the questions you keep asking yourself, then you have arrived at the right destination.

We do admit that older men have this unique appeal that younger guys never seem to possess. Unlike younger guys who are always excited about the thrill and excitement of dating, older men prefer a slower yet so much more thoughtful approach.

He is not going to woo you with a free dinner at the hottest restaurant in the city. Instead, he might just take you out to a cozy hole-in-the-wall with live music in the background.

Sometimes, it is a refreshing change from going out with man-children who are always running around without any idea of what to do in life. It is so much better to go out with someone more sophisticated, more mature, and definitely more refined.

Today, let’s find out what experts have to say about your attraction to older men! Stay tuned for more!

But First, How Old Is Too Old?  

Before you ask yourself, ‘why am I attracted to older men?’ it is important to acknowledge one thing – exactly how old is too old?

But First, How Old Is Too Old  

Of course, age is just a number, especially when it comes to true love, but that won’t stop most of us from wondering about the acceptable maximum and minimum age for a romantic partner. While age is different for every individual, there’s a general rule of thumb that you can adhere to or choose to set your own rules – it’s a free world.

And that particular rule is basically half your actual age plus seven. So if a man is 36, half his age would be 18. When you add seven to it, the number becomes 25 – yep, that is a typically acceptable minimum age to date someone.

But that’s fine – let’s not forget names like Anna Nicole, who married a 90-year-old billionaire when she was just 26.

As to finding the maximum age that a woman should technically date, it’s said that you have to subtract seven from her actual age before doubling the number. So if a woman is 26, subtract 7, which is 19 – now multiply 19 by 2, and you will get 38 as the maximum age.

Of course, it’s all speculative – every couple is unique and has their own standards.

Why Am I Attracted to Older Men? (According To Experts)  

So, why do I like older men? Or why am I attracted to older men?

The heart wants what it wants. However, you cannot help but wonder why your heart and head can’t stop thinking about that hot 35-year-old at work. Is it a mere coincidence? Or is it a kink? After talking to multiple relationship experts and women who are attracted to older men, we have managed to find a pattern.

There are THREE major reasons why women fall for older men – scroll down to find out!

1. Older Men Are Emotionally Mature And Stable:  

Or at least you can expect older guys to be mature and stable emotionally. This is precisely one of the major reasons behind most women’s attraction to older men.

 Older Men Are Emotionally Mature And Stable

An emotionally mature man,

  • Knows how to communicate,
  • Is self-aware,
  • Are not scared of expressing their feelings,
  • Are realistic, and
  • Has plenty of patience compared to the average guy of your age.

Simply put, older men have zero doubts about what they REALLY want. And the best part is that he is not afraid to go after what he wants.

2. Older Men Know How To Please Women:  

Women who like older men, know the importance of experience everywhere in life, especially in bed. A majority of people tend to think that younger men tend to be better in bed when it comes to performance. Little do these people know that experience can beat all of this.

Older Men Know How To Please Women

The thing is, older men KNOW how to please a woman – these men know what a woman really wants. He has probably been in bed with so many more women as compared to men of your age and has naturally come across different types of situations, and that too with different women.

He has had the opportunity to learn from his mistakes – this has led him to absolute perfection.

Besides, he has already spent so many years figuring out his bedroom preferences, and most likely, he is not scared to talk about what he likes and what he wants. After all, nobody wants to be somebody’s learning experience. You don’t want a man who needs to learn – you want a man who already knows what they are doing.

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3. You Are Looking For A ‘Father’ Figure:  

Yes, it is okay to pause from time to time and ask yourself, ‘why am I sexually attracted to older men?’ – and yes, it is so much more than labeling your attraction to older men as daddy issues.

Whenever you confide in someone that you are attracted to older guys, you will find someone or the other accusing you of dealing with unresolved daddy issues. While it is nothing more than an empty phrase, and there could be more than one reason behind your attraction towards older guys, it is also possible that there’s some truth to the phrase, as per experts!

According to some relationship experts, many young women who prefer older men as romantic partners have dealt with absentee dads in their childhood. Of course, we are not just referring to fathers who have been physically absent when their child was growing up.

It is possible that you might have grown up in a sheltered home with both parents, but your father was never actually emotionally present in your life growing up. He did not really provide you with everything that you craved, and now you are just trying to heal that inner child.

So, what have you been doing? You are searching for a father figure in all the men you are going out with – this holds true for women who did not have a dad at all while they were growing up.

Although having ‘daddy issues’ isn’t really a psychological condition, it can really impact your relationships with the men you are dating. To simplify things, you are just looking for your dad’s replacement – a man who will actually give you all that your father has failed to provide.

Fifty Shades Of Black Grey:  

Yes, you can’t stop thinking, ‘why am I attracted to older men?’ – and that’s fine. Just because we highlighted a few reasons or spoke about how old is too old, it doesn’t mean you need to think about so much before dating someone. It is all up to you!

If you like dating older men and want to keep it that way, great! And if you think it’s a fleeting phase, then that’s cool too. Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories about dating older men in the comments below.

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