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Exploring Emily J’s Least Favorite Kinks As An Arousr Sexting Model

Exploring Emily J’s Least Favorite Kinks As An Arousr Sexting Model

Arousr Sexting Model
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As an Arousr sexting model, Emily J’s job is to engage in various fantasies and kinks with her clients. However, just like any other job, there are some aspects of it that are not always enjoyable. In this blog post, Emily J is going to talk about her least favorite kinks and why they do not appeal to her.

Whether you are a client or a fellow sexting model, this post provides great insight into the world of sexting. So, keep reading it till the end to discover some significant aspects of it. 

Understanding Kink & What Differentiates It From Fetish?

As Justin Lehmiller quotes it, a kink refers to a nonmainstream sexual interest and is generally observed using role play and props during erotic interaction. On the other hand, a fetish refers to a specific kink type that has a heightened fascination. In the latter, a body part or certain objects are involved. 

Usually, fetishes contain a sensory component that attracts people to smell, look, taste, or even feel an object. Although every fetish is kink, not every kink might be a fetish. However, I must clear a concept here- not all kinky encounters have sex as a necessary part. But sexual activities are certainly involved when it comes to fetishes. 

Are Kinks Hereditary In Nature?

There is no concrete proof that our sexual interests are driven by the genetic makeup we carry. But that does not suggest that people cannot possess hereditary kinks. It has been said time and again that personality is heritable to a larger extent, and there are a few traits that remain persistent in some families. 

Dr Lehmiller also suggests that our sexual fantasies are very obvious from our personality reflections. For instance, extroverts are generally drawn to nonmonogamy fantasies. Developing an interest in BDSM and kink might not be hereditary, but it can integrate into an individual’s personality upon encountering such experiences beforehand. 

Emily J Describes Her Least Favorite Kinks

The list of kinks goes on as far as fetishes are concerned. But not all kinks are as pleasurable as one may think. Emily J, the renowned Arousr Sexting Model, describes a few kinks, which, in her opinion, aren’t too desirable. Let’s check out what those are: 

1. Non-Consensual Fantasies

Emily J feels uncomfortable engaging in non-consensual fantasies or forced sexual encounters of any kind. While she understands that these fantasies may be a turn-on for some people, she believes that it is important to obtain explicit and enthusiastic consent in real life.

Non-consensual fantasies can be triggering and harmful for many individuals, and she does not want to contribute to that. So, while one might find CNCs a pleasurable kink, Emily has a totally contradicting thought process. 

2. Uncomfortable Roleplaying 

Uncomfortable roleplaying is another kink that She is not fond of. Although she understands that it is a popular fantasy, she cannot bring herself to partake in it.

For her, the thought of engaging in some acts is repulsive, and she would rather not entertain such ideas. She believes in being respectful to all and does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

3. Humiliation

Being referred to as a “slut,” or “bitch” does turn on some women. Sounds weird? Well, humiliation is certainly a form of kink where either of the two partners loved being humiliated in bed. While being submissive and dominating can be a fun way of exploring kinks, Emily J draws the line at humiliation.

She finds it unethical to demean or humiliate someone for their sexual desires or preferences. She believes that everyone should be entitled to their own choices without being ridiculed, and consequently, these are her least favorite kinks. 

4. Extreme BDSM

Finally, Emily J is not a fan of extreme BDSM practices, such as choking or breathplay. Although she understands that some people enjoy the thrill of such activities, she believes they can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

For her, safety should always come first, and she cannot risk a client’s well-being. According to her, extreme BDSM shouldn’t be conducted solo or in situations where nobody can help you if things get a bit intense. It’s safer to not touch that side, she adds. 

How Are Kinks Discovered? 

A lot of individuals can remember a similar childhood experience when they first realized their kinks. For a few, it might feel like hereditary. But there are other people as well who haven’t discovered whether they are into kinks or not. And if they are, what turns them on? So, how do fetishes and kinks come into existence? 

It takes a while to understand who we actually are until we reach our teens or late 20s. While this might be common, some people aren’t able to discover their kinks until their late 50s. Having sexual fantasies has nothing to do with your kinks. 

A foot fetish can be a kink as well as a fantasy, but smelling a particular object for arousal can never be a fantasy. Then, it becomes a kink. People who consider themselves a macrophile like to fantasize about huge women and are most likely to try their kinks in some respective areas. 

Further, some doctors feel that kink cannot be a hobby- it is indeed a licit sexual identity. People who are into hardcore BDSM might find failed relationships because they are too plain and shallow. This might be another possible of discovering whether you have an interest in fetishes or not. 


In conclusion, Emily J has shared her least favorite kinks as an Arousr sexting model. While there are some fantasies she is not comfortable with, she is always respectful of her client’s boundaries and desires.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own preferences and risks involved with certain activities. If you are considering sexting or engaging in any sexual activities, always prioritize consent, safety, and respect for yourself and your partner.

Well, that marks the end of this article. If you have anything to share, do comment below and communicate your thoughts to us. Until then, happy reading. 

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