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Why Choose Hinge? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Other Details

Why Choose Hinge? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Other Details

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Let’s Begin!

The world has become a very small place, all thanks to the inventions and advancements in technology. As a result, people have come closer, and it is easier to connect with them than ever. Just a click and Voila! You get to be friends with someone who was a complete stranger to you in just a few minutes.

But it does take a little bit more time to be in love on the internet. But for that, you do have the dating apps to your rescue.

Many dating apps are available on the internet, like Tinder and Bumble. One such dating app is Hinge.

If you are someone who is desperately looking for love, then try Hinge. Keep reading the article until the end to learn more about this famous dating app

Hinge: The Door To Your Lovelife!

The meaning of the word Hinge in English is a joint that connects two parts. For example, the hinges of a door. The dating app Hinge acts in a similar way.

It is a dating app that brings two people together. The app emphasizes long-term relationship building for the people who are desperately looking for love.

Hinge app is a smart dating app that does not believe in the swipe culture. You cannot scroll through the profiles. Instead, you have to either click on the X to pass them or click the heart to like them. Unless you do either of these two, you cannot move on.

This dating app is also a location-based app similar to Tinder. This means that you get to choose or specify if you want to whether you want to 

Features Of Hinge

There are many dating apps in the world. Then why choose Hinge?

Here are some of the features of Hinge that can make it easier for you to make a decision:

1. Like And Strike

like and strike

It is easier than ever to strike a conversation with the profiles on the dating app. All you need to do is like a photo or a video on the profile that you are interested in. you can also send a rose (a virtual one) to indicate that you are interested in the profile.

The conversation begins when the opposite person replies to the comment that you have made. That is when the app makes a connection.

2. Date From Home

We all are aware of the WFH or Work From Home process of work in today’s world, especially after the pandemic caused by Covid-19. But Hinge offers you the option to date from home.

You do not have to spend thousands of money to go out on a date with someone whom you may not like to continue with. Instead, you can try the call feature of the app.

When you and your (potential) partner want to experience a date with each other, all you both need to do is tap the ‘Ready’ button that appears on the screen of your phones. The app lets you know when both of you are ready to connect and start your date.

What Is Good About Hinge And What Is Not?

It is time for you to make the decision about choosing the app? Maybe knowing some advantages and disadvantages of this dating app can help.


💗 The mobile app is very user friendly

💗 You get to like specific features of a profile in place of the entire profile

💗 There are many free features that are available to use

💗 Easy signing up


💔 The number of users who see Hinge is very low compared to the apps like Tinder

💔 There are many features that are solely available for the premium users

💔There are chances that a profile can reappear in your feed even after you have passed it

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💔 The desktop version of the app is not available

Alternative To Hinge

There are many other dating sites and apps that are available for you to choose from if you do not want to continue with Hinge. Some of the alternative dating apps are:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Grinder
  • OkCupid
  • Match
  • eharmony

Facts About Hinge

fact about hinge

Before you try to install the dating app on your smart devices, it is best to know about the facts. Here are some of the lesser-known facts about Hinge:

  • The headquarters of this company is set in Greater New York Area in the US
  • The company was founded by Matt O’Donnell, Bennett Richardson, Justin McLeod, and Frances Haugen
  • Hinged was first launched in the year 2012
  • The Match Group acquired the company in the year 2018
  • The company has many investors who have made an investment in this company. One of them is CAA Ventures
  • The main service areas of this dating app are the US, Australia, and Britain
  • In 2022, the app offered 100 USD to single moms as a childcare stipend so that they could plan for a date.

Reviews: Should You Hinge?

I know that it is not easy to make a decision solely based on words. That is the reason I have added some genuine reviews by people who have used the app:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is Hinge Meant For?

If you are someone who is looking for love and serious relationships, then the dating app Hinge is for you. However, unlike the target audience of the match group, the hinge dating app is aimed at the younger demographics.

2. How Is Hinge Different?

The one thing that is different in Hinge from the other dating apps and sites is the fact that it does not function the same way as other dating apps do. For example, there is no function to swipe left or right in this app.
Hinge creates smart matches and makes it possible for users who are looking for love to converse naturally. Unlike other dating apps like tinder and Bumble, Hinge also lets you like particular parts of the opposite profiles.

3. How Does Hinge Work?

The working of the Hinge dating app is similar to any other dating app. You can either choose or reject a potential match that appears on the screen.
All you need to do is answer three questions that appear on the screen about yourself. This makes it possible to let the potential match know a little about you.

To Hinge Or Not To Hinge…

If you have been surfing through a lot of dating apps, you must have heard the name Hinge. It is a great dating alternative to apps like Tinder or Bumble. The app claims to emphasize long-term connections and serious relations.

There are many features of this app. The most interesting of them all is the Date From Home feature. This app feature allows you to set a virtual date with the profile you are interested in.

Striking a conversation is also very easy in this app. All you need to do is like a profile that you are interested in, and if they reply to your action, it is a connection. Once a connection is made, you can start conversing.

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