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These Are The Ultimate Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You: The 3rd One Will Blow Your Mind!

These Are The Ultimate Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You: The 3rd One Will Blow Your Mind!

Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You
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The thing is, when someone experiences fame, success, or even love, in some cases, they start attracting both admiration and jealousy. With that, you might just be wondering how to know if someone is jealous of you or not. What are the primary signs someone is jealous of you?

After all, none of us needs jealousy in our lives – it’s that one thing we are all better off without! However, unfortunately, jealousy is inherent to humanity at large. Sometimes, you will find that certain people behave very strangely with you – after all, you guys are close. Why would they be so mean to you from time to time?

It is possible that they are jealous of you. But in most cases, we have no idea that someone is jealous of us. Knowing why someone is jealous of us will not only help us to know why they treat us with disrespect, but it also teaches us to be patient. I mean, we have all been jealous of someone or the other at some point, right? It will also help you to understand and look at things from their perspective.

At the same time, it will also boost your ego – I mean, I feel more motivated to do better in life whenever I find out that someone is jealous of me.

It might not be easy in the beginning, but with time, you can point out the signs that someone is jealous of you and how to deal with it. Don’t worry, we are here to teach you all that – stay tuned!

But First, Why Would Anyone Be Jealous Of You?

Come on, we have all been jealous at some point in time. Right? It was either someone’s success or money. But jealousy is not always so obvious. Determining the signs someone is jealous of is not as easy as watching them turn green with jealousy.

You don’t actually have to be famous or rich to have people become jealous of you. You can also just be smart, have a partner who is loving, or just be a happy person. Typically, jealousy is associated with insecurity over anything else.

Don’t just assume that someone cannot be jealous of you because you guys don’t have anything in common. There’s always something or the other going on with people we don’t really know, and they could just be jealous of things you are insecure about.

The Ultimate Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You:

The Ultimate Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You

Now that I have established why someone could be envious of you, let’s look at the ultimate signs someone is jealous of you! Without wasting time, here we go!

1. False And Insincere Praises:

If someone is jealous of you, then they will try to show you that they are not jealous of you. The thing about jealousy is that they will bombard you with praises and compliments just to prove that they think the best about you.

Naturally, you will notice how your real friends are not showering you with praise for every other thing you do. Instead, people who are jealous of you will tend to resort to love bombing. Compliments and praises are a part of their daily routine.

It might take some time initially to distinguish between fake and real praise. But eventually, it becomes very easy to understand who is faking it and who genuinely cares about you.

2. Downplaying Of Achievements:

Again, if someone is jealous of your achievements, then they will keep trying to downplay your achievements. These people tend to downplay everything you achieve and will instead associate your success with anything but your skill.

For instance, you got promoted after working hard for a long time. The colleague who is jealous of you will simply say you got it because you were lucky, or because you knew your manager outside work, or anything else but your hard work.

Yes, that is called downplaying your achievements – and people who are not happy about your achievements tend to always associate them with luck or sucking up to the boss. Trust me on this one – I see it happen every single day. But it just makes me feel better about my success.

3. Imitation Is The Finest Form Of Flattery:

It’s as simple as that! They are jealous of you for a reason – because they have something that you don’t. So what would you do when you don’t have something – fake it till you make it? After all, it is either that or cry yourself to sleep every night!

Jokes aside, imitation is the finest form of flattery. And if someone can’t help but imitate you at every opportunity, then take it in a positive way. Like I said, I always feel powerful when someone imitates me, especially people who downplay my achievements, and I always make it a point to go overdo compliments.

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For instance, you love your Instagram feed, and you put in effort to make it look good. And then someone who is jealous of you will start ‘copying’ your aesthetics. Of course, they will add their ‘flair’ to it so that you can’t really call them out on it. But you know what they did – and trust me, they know too!

4. Happy Because You Failed:

Remember that when someone is jealous of you, they will compete with you heavily. And it’s not going to be a healthy competition – it’ll be aggressive, negative, and sometimes, heavily toxic. They are jealous of you. They will literally want everything that you have.

It doesn’t matter if they actually ‘want’ those things; they will simply want them because you have them.

And when you fail, there is nobody happier than someone who is jealous of you. I remember this friend, who was also my colleague, would be so happy on my worst days at work. One day, I had said something that didn’t go well in a pitch meeting, and our boss wasn’t happy with me.

When we came out of the meeting, she kept making jokes about the incident. By the end of the day, everybody at work knew it wasn’t a good day for me – and my colleague was happily telling my tale of failure to anyone who would listen.

And It’s A Wrap!

And it’s a wrap on the ultimate signs someone is jealous of you. Of course, there are tons of other signs – some more nuanced than others.

But then the ones I have mentioned above are the most important signs. Human beings are so different from each other that you cannot come up with a list of signs that will fit everyone. In fact, instead of a generalized list, a list that’s for you works better.

In spite of that, there are four things that every jealous does – and I have mentioned them above. Now, it’s your turn – share your stories and experiences in the comments below!

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