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How Do I Get Revenge On My Ex-Girlfriend? 

How Do I Get Revenge On My Ex-Girlfriend? 

ex girlfriend revenge
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One of the most common things that most people have experienced is heartbreak. Love is an excellent feeling that makes us go far beyond our limits to make our partner happy. However, when a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred. There is always the risk of losing the special one from your life and getting your heart shattered. 

If you are reading this article, you have already gotten hurt and are looking for revenge. Whether your partner left you for someone else or cheated on you, revenge is the most common response. While some people choose the violent way to react, there are plenty of harmless ways available that you can choose to get your revenge. 

We will talk about some common ex girlfriend revenge ideas that might help you get out of misery and anger. Stay with us till the end to find out the details. 

Different Ways To Get Revenge On Your Ex-Girlfriend 

After breaking up, people ask how to move on from an ex. But the fact is unless you do not have the proper revenge, you can not get the satisfaction and cannot move on from your past relationship. Unfortunately, very few people have the heart to forgive their partner and then move on to life.

Here are some of the best ways to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend. Make sure to choose the best way based on your preference and finalize your decision wisely. 

1. Ignore Your Ex 

Ignore Your Ex

It might come as a shock to you, but one of the best revenge you can take on your ex is ignoring her completely. Most people take a lot of time to get over their ex and their thoughts. As a result, they waste their valuable time planning for revenge. But, believe it or not, hating your partner and thinking of taking revenge does make them feel special. 

It only proves you are not over him/her. On the other hand, you can land a surprise by just ignoring your ex. It will make him/her wonder and be uncomfortable about the fact that you moved on. Also, you will not waste a lot of time with ex girlfriend revenge. 

2. Do Something That Your Ex-Partner Never Allowed You To Do 

Do Something That Your Ex-Partner Never Allowed You To Do

Another very good way of ex-girlfriend revenge is doing the work that your ex-partner never allowed you. However, do not start drinking, smoking, or any bad habits; it will only make things worse. Instead, you can do activities like going on a road trip, hanging out with friends, going camping, doing outdoor activities, and many more. 

If your ex-partner used to restrict you from doing any similar things, you could take revenge by doing them after a breakup. Also, you will get to do the things that you have always wanted but never could. 

3. Find Someone Better Than Your Ex

Find Someone Better Than Your Ex

Undoubtedly, one of the best things you can do after a breakup is looking for a girl/guy better than the ex. It might seem impossible to love someone else so fast while you still think about your ex. 

Trust me; things get better when you have someone to help you through the process. It makes it faster, easier and keeps the transparency with your new partner. Also, it is perfect revenge gf or bf as they will see you moving on from you and being happy with someone better. 

4. Change Your Lifestyle 

Change Your Lifestyle

You might have seen in movies that burning down the ex-girlfriend revenge pics helps to take revenge and feel good. Sorry to break your heart, but burning down stuff, gifts, and photos of your cheating gf or bf do not make you feel better. 

You just lose time and waste resources. Compared to that, you can try changing your lifestyle. Whether one week or one month, changing your lifestyle will surely make her/him regret or surprise. 

5. Hang Out With Ex’s Best Friend

Hang Out With Ex’s Best Friend

One thing that no one likes is watching their best friends hanging out with their ex. However, it is one of the best ways to get both your revenge and move on from the ex. After being in a relationship for months or years, you might be familiar with their best friends. 

Hang out with them to take the perfect revenge on your ex. If not all of them, someone from your ex’s friend group will surely go out with you. If you are thinking about perfecting my ex girlfriend revenge, this is the best one. 

6. Develop A Nice Sexy Body

In the ex girlfriend revenge, a nice attractive body is always the most appreciated part. After the break, many women start to consume more sugar and sweets to kill the depression. This is not at all a good idea. If you are overthinking your boyfriend and becoming depressed about the break-ups. Then it is always better to invest more time in exercise and other physical activities. 

The gym is always a better hangout zone for single people. Even after the breakup, I found my next love in the swimming session classes. After you join the gym or any physical activity classes, you will feel much more energetic when you are enrolling your name in physical activity classes.

7. Let The World Know Your Boyfriend Is Not Worthy All

Be friends with your boyfriend’s friend. And tell them how much they are unworthy. This is nothing but politics. Most of the men have particular selections for friend selections for their girlfriends. Some of them are over possessive. So if you want to move on from your current relationships,

Then this type of communication can make your heart calm. And if your x is doing anything wrong with you, you can show the wrong side of your x. Some of your x’s good friends are becoming your best friend.

8. Start A Blog On Breakup Recovery

Start a blog and share your tips for the breakup recovery. Is this not an innovative idea for Ex Girlfriend Revenge? Yes. After the breakup, you will have a vacant spot in your mind. And this is the time when most people are starting to feel frustrated.

When you start blog writing, your mind will be refreshed. And not only that, you are boosting yourself to do something innovative. This way, for the breakup recovery, you can start writing your blogs. In the blogs, you can write about the tips and the tricks to overcome the breakup issues. This way, you can get over the breakup frustrations and start fresh.

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9. Enroll Your Name On Dating Sites

Enroll your names on the dating sites. Yes, you can see how many people in the world are overcoming the breakups. And how they are dealing with the problems. Enrolling yourself in the dating sites is always helping you to take revenge on your X. Many of the men who are sharing the names on dating sites are interpretations of my ex girlfriend’s revenge actions.

Who knows, maybe your X is also in the portal, and they can see your activity. From the dating sites, you will get connections with many single people. Click the photos during the dates. And upload the photos on your social media pages. Your X will know that you are currently in the state of moving. And jealousy comes in an obvious way.

10. Give Pictures With Your Favorite Opposite Sex Celebrities

This is a very harsh type of Ex Girlfriend Revenge. Your partner knows all about your preferences. And when you are clicking the pictures with your opposite sex, your partner will be much more jealous. When you are uploading the picture with your favourite actors or actresses, these are more like an ex girlfriend’s revenge pics.

When you are breaking up with your partner, your partner will always think that you are in the tough stage. But when you are starting to upload the pictures with your favourite celebrities, your partner will know that you are already in a good and relaxed state of mind. Sometimes your happy moments can be challenging for your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Get Revenge On My Ex? 

There are plenty of ways available that can help you to take revenge without taking any violent path. 
Target his/her best friend. 
Keep your calm. 
Change yourself.
Completely avoid him/her. 
Get a better partner who actually loves you. 

Q2. Is Revenge Worth It On An Ex?

Many people think that getting revenge on an ex will help to ease the pain and anger. However, it does not get any better and starts to get worse. After taking revenge, you might feel bad about it and regret your actions. So, it is not worth it to take revenge on your ex. 

Q3. Should I Take Revenge From My Girlfriend? 

No, you should not take revenge on your girlfriend. If you are asking the question, it means you are already feeling wrong about the whole thing. For most people, taking revenge becomes a guilt feeling. You will be hurt more than your ex and start judging yourself. So, it is better to let the revenge on ex girlfriend idea go and build a new relationship. 

Q4. Is Ignoring An Ex The Best Revenge? 

Compared to any amateur girlfriend revenge, it is best to ignore your ex. Ignoring impacts a person’s feelings more than any other revenge. It is perfectly harmless and takes off your mind to do other things. Avoiding and ignoring will also help you to move on faster. 

Q5. How To Get The ex Out Of Your Head?
Be active and occupy yourself with multiple works. Give yourself some time and do some extra work. When you do multiple types of extra work, you will become busy. This is a simple solution. You can feel free and do not have any empty spaces or times to think about your X.


Heartbreak is one of the worst feelings that can make people mad, sad, and many other things. If you are mad at your ex for leaving you or cheating on you, here are some best ways that you can choose to get revenge. Here are the best ex girlfriend revenge ideas that you can go through and choose the best one for you. If this article has helped you get the best ideas, make sure to share them with others. 

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