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Ways To Say I Love You: How To Say The Three Magic Words?

Ways To Say I Love You: How To Say The Three Magic Words?

Ways To Say I Love You
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Saying the three magic words is one big milestone in any kind of relationship. This is one phrase that can easily turn any casual fling into something so serious. And that too in a matter of moments only. But considering those few seconds mean a lot to people involved, figuring out the different ways to say I love you is important.

After all, it’s a nerve-wracking experience to tell someone you love them. Theoretically, you can say it without any pause. But it feels so much more real and complicated when it is actually happening.

That is because saying those three words to any one special is a kinda big deal. Sure, proposing, getting married, and eventually getting pregnant are all major moments in any relationship. But then most of these steps usually begin with one individual telling another that they are in love. And while rom-coms might make you feel like the first ‘love you’ is an impulsive, spur-of-the-moment thing, that is so not the case.

Moreover, timing-wise, people usually say those three words, sometimes around the 3-month dating mark. That being said, there is literally no schedule here. But you should definitely give it some time and wait at least you guys are done with the honeymoon phase.

In the initial days of any romance, everything is new and fresh – you are flooded with oxytocin and dopamine during this phase. Sometimes, people end up misconstruing those hormones and the newness of love. But when the initial excitement dies a natural death, and you start to see your partner how they are in reality, that is when the real love sets in.

If you are stressed about saying the three words, then calm down – don’t stress! We are here to help you with the best ways to say I love you! Moreover, you will also know if you are ready to confess your feelings to your potential soul mate!

So, Are You Ready To Say I Love You? 💗

So, Are You Ready To Say I Love You_

Before we talk about the ways to say I love you, let’s ask one question. Are you even ready to say those three words? Love is an expansive feeling.

Figuring out the kind of love you are experiencing and the desire you are feeling is vital. Moreover, deciphering when/if you are in love with someone is not always very evident since it can look very different every time you experience it.

For some, love is comfort and security, while for some others, it’s like walking around with heart-eyes. Generally, you will feel happy when you are close to that person, you will prioritize your time together, you will daydream about your future with them, and you will think about their needs.

If you are still not sure, you can ask yourself some questions like:

  1. Do I love their good and bad?
  2. Do I love being around them and who I am with them?
  3. Do I love getting intimate with them?
  4. Do I love how we treat each other?

Truthfully, if you are asking yourself whether you are in love with someone or not, it is a BIG sign that you might have already fallen for them, or at least on the way. And if that is really the case, it might be the perfect time to share your feelings with that special someone.

Ways To Say I Love You: How To Say The Three Magic Words? ❤️

How To Say The Three Magic Words

So you are in love, and you need to find out how to tell them – no pressure, really. This is very exciting! Understand this: you have to say it at a place where you can actually handle all kinds of outcomes – from them saying it right back to you to being stunned.

If you are also worried about the location and exact moment, you have to find out what feels absolutely natural for your dynamics. Is your partner a sucker for romantic gestures, or do they prefer relatively more intimate and vulnerable moments? That’s also a factor you need to consider before you figure out the best ways to say I love you!

So, without wasting time, let this guide help you out, making this milestone a memorable one for the two of you.

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Saying “I Love You” With Words: 💗

Saying “I Love You” With Words_

Saying the three words blatantly to your soul mate is the best way to let them know how you feel about them. Plus, if your soul mate’s love language includes words of affirmation, then it is the best course for you!

Whether you choose to write a letter, whisper in their ears, or just opt for icing on a big cookie cake (SATC fans, anyone?), here’s how to say

Whether you murmur it in their ear, write it in a love letter, or pen it in icing on a giant cookie cake (SATC flashbacks anyone?), here’s how to say “I love you” with words:

  1. I love you.
  1. I am in love with you.
  1. I’ll always be there for you.
  1. You are the most important person in my life.
  1. You’re my world.
  1. When you are not around, I feel incomplete.
  1. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  1. You mean the world to me.
  1. You make me so happy.
  1. I love our life together.

Saying “I Love You” Without Words: ❤️

Saying “I Love You” Without Words

Now, if you want to say you love someone without words, then you have to know their love language.

This is mostly because certain people prefer other expressions outside verbal declarations. Whether your food mate prefers quality time, gift receiving/giving, acts of service, or physical touch, here’s how you can express your love nonverbally.

  1. Help them with work when they feel overwhelmed.
  1. Give them a lingering kiss or hug.
  1. Take care of them when they get sick.
  1. Pay attention to them when you are in a group.
  1. Be an active listener when they share anything with you.

To Say Or Not To Say:❤️

It doesn’t matter how you basically do it – whether it is with a simple gesture of just being there or opting for a massive gesture.

Telling someone you are madly in love with them is a very BIG step, not just for your relationship but also for your personal growth. Embrace this feeling – because that is why we are on this planet. To love and to be just loved!

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